I'm going to look into your mind for a moment.

< Looking. >

<Laughing! >

OK, I know you!  I really do.  Not to be creepy or anything, but I do know you.  Seriously.

You've been eating kale and quinoa for a while...

You've switched out your household cleaners for vinegar and water but you can't stand the overwhelming smell of vinegar and so you dread cleaning day (I mean, who really likes the smell of vinegar anyway?).

You go to yoga sometimes and zumba sometimes and do weight training sometimes... but life feels like it's moving so fast and sometimes you just wish you could hit the "pause" button and slow things down so you can catch up!

In fact, a few months on silent retreat with no cell phone and no people might be nice now, wouldn't it?

Yup, I know you.  I've been there too.

The goal is to live as vibrant and healthy a life as possible! To design your life intentionally and live according to what you desire versus what you've been handed. It might be fun for you and I to have a chat... to hash through this together.  Would that be helpful for you?  If so... 

Call me.  978-474-0144. 

Email me

Check out some of the Events that are going on

and the teleclasses that are happening (don't worry - they're free!). 

I guarantee there will be something to take the edge off for you... while you're waiting to connect with me.

I look forward to meeting you.   Please don't be shy.  Life is too short!

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