A lot of my clients come to me because they are confused by the conflicting nutrition messages in books, magazines, and the media. They want to give their bodies the best fuel possible, but they don't know how to figure out which food choices are right for them.

My clients tell me that they order takeout just to avoid the hassle of planning and cooking a meal.  Some admit that they've been eating the same meals and snacks since they were in college... and they're bored!


Does This Sound Familiar?
"I eat more take-out than I'd like. I want to eat better, but I'm not a good cook, and I'm not even sure where to start."

"My energy crashes a lot, especially mid-afternoon and late at night.  How can I get more energy?"

"I'm confused about what to eat. Are carbs good or bad? Should I eat fat? I have no idea which kind of protein is best for me. Help!"

"I've always been a perfectionist, but lately I feel overwhelmed and stressed-out. I'm getting headaches, PMS symptoms, and food cravings - something tells me that these things are connected."

I'm stuck in the same old food, relationship and fitness ruts. I want to feel sexy, adventurous, and alive again!"

Start Eating Better Today
First of all, know that you are doing the very best you can! Eating well shouldn't cause you stress. Eating should help you deal better with stress!

Because you don't want to waste your calories on foods that aren't good for you, it's important for you to transition to foods that will give you the biggest bang for your nutritional buck.

Check out my Recipe Collection for an idea of quick, healthy meals that you can make tonight. If you are challenged by cooking and grocery shopping, browse through my Article Section for tips on how to make cooking a piece of cake.

If you want help designing a personalized way of eating that works for you, your schedule, your health needs, and your tastebuds... contact me today and we'll set up a time for a consultation. We'll spend an hour focusing just on you, and we'll clear up some of the confusion.

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