RENEE'S STORY: "My Stomach Became My Messenger"

When Renee first came to see me, she appeared completely pulled together on the outside, but I could see that she was absolutely exhausted on the inside. She came to me because she had suffered stomach problems since she was a 5-year old girl. She had recently been diagnosed with colitis and put on medication. Her goal was to be able to eat like her friends and get off the medication as soon as possible.

What We Did Together

During her consultation, I asked Renee to try and pinpoint something that might have triggered her stomach to over-react. In her first session of her 6-month phone Ultimate Wellness Program, we traced the colitis back to childhood, and then slowly and gently started the process of rebuilding her relationship with her stomach. Her stomach - once her enemy - became her strongest and most honest ally. Renee started to notice that it bothered her whenever she took on too much, or didn't stick by her values.

By transitioning Renee to a whole foods diet, we started healing her colon and identifying new foods that were 'safe' for her. She replaced one of the most stressful triggers in her life: her job! Renee learned how to use her belly as her best messenger, and do whatever was necessary to take extreme care of herself.

The End Result

As Renee learned to trust her belly, she got the confidence to move to a new city, find a less-stressful job, and a new relationship. I was shocked when this overachiever told me that she hadn't made a to-do list in months! Renee's doctor was so impressed by her progress that he decreased her medication significantly, with the promise that she could go off it completely if her next check-up showed the same measure of improvement.


Renee's Testimonial

"This was indescribable. I'm emotionally confident. I really understand what "gut-instinct" means. And finally, my belly is feeling much better. I trust myself more, I know myself better, and I don't let other people's opinions affect me as much. I go to myself first now, not my friends. When my stomach does give me any pain, I now know to ask myself what I'm doing/not doing to make it upset? I have a new apartment, a new roommate, and a new job. My PMS symptoms have improved, especially my moods and bloating. This is priceless - it's worth so much money." Renee B., Client

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