Want to learn some secrets of building a successful business from a well-established Holistic Health Counselor?

Interested in business coaching... but don't want to spend oodles of money on individual coaching?





A Teleclass Series for IIN Grads

Who Want To Build Their Business

Without Reinventing the Wheel




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Here's what health counselors had to say about the intro call:

"I just finished listening to your first business coaching teleclass, and I want to thank you. I found it very helpful! I really resonated with your story. It helps me to realize that it's possible to be a successful business owner even if you're an introvert. I love all the ideas you've come up with to keep your business paying you even when you're not actually working!" - Jodi S, delightfullyhealthy.com

"I have to tell you that your first general teleclass was amazing.  I cried my way through it as I realized how spectacular this life and work can be if you just go for it. The biggest thing standing in my way has been my corporate job and I loved how you decided that the original date you set was too far away and then you just made the leap. Thanks for all of your work and what you are doing, you are a model company to me as I am growing my coaching business." - With admiration!  Suzanne M.

"You are amazing and generous and completely empowering!!  I have listened to your business coaching call and I will sign up for your teleclasses!!  We are taking my business to the next level!!!   I was 'stopped' in developing what my business would look like...I now have clarity. Thank you!" - Lee


Here's what other health counselors have to say about working with Christi:

"I loved working with you this summer.  You are an inspiration to all health counselors who follow in your footsteps.  I am so grateful for your candor, your warmth, your empathy and your pushing.  I really needed pushing at certain points and it was great to have you there to both challenge and support me.  You rock!" Morella D.


"Christi is an amazing force in my life. Working with Christi has given me great clarity and direction on getting my business to the place I want it"   "Christi is very resourceful and insightful when it comes to steering my business.  She not only listens to want I have to say, more importantly, she listens THROUGH what I have to say.  She is my voice of clear direction!

Christi can take that over whelming feeling of "I have no idea of where I am going with all of this" and break it down into step-by-step, easy baby steps! After speaking with Christi, I significantly changed my marketing strategy. I was originally thinking about investing in a brochure, but after our session, I realized I should focus my efforts on other marketing tasks that play to my natural strengths and my ideal client profile." - Sue K.


The First Two Teleclasses:

"Christi's 5-Step Client Attraction System: When You Want New Clients... Fast!"

How to Write a Powerful Lecture... In Less Than 60 Minutes


Teleclass Series Details

I designed this business coaching teleclass series because I've been getting lots of emails from IIN grads and new students who want me to help them build their business. 

Business coaching is something I love to do.  I'm honored and humbled to support amazing health counselors who are doing great things in the world. It's so cool to watch my clients get clearer about their business goals as they create the kind of business that jives with their spirit, energy cycles, skills, and financial goals.

Since my individual business coaching practice is full, I have been strategizing about different ways I can support the health counselors who want to work with me... without having to turn anyone away.

So I decided to put take some of the business coaching advice I've been giving out in one-on-one settings... and use it to develop a series of teleclasses for IIN grads.



Here are the answers to some commonly-asked questions about the series:

Question: Do I have to attend all of the teleclasses?

Answer: No, you can pick and choose the topics that appeal the most to you.


Question: What if I want to go back and listen to a call a few months after the teleclass was offered?
Answer: All business coaching teleclasses are recorded and available for download once the teleclass is over.  See this page for all the classes that have taken place.

Question: How do you decide which topics to cover?

Answer: I sent a survey out to all of the participants from my free, introductory business coaching call... asking them which topics most interested them.  I designed the teleclass schedule around the most popular responses.  If you have a topic to suggest, please email me so I can add it to the list.  I'm always listening to my coaching clients.

Question: How often do you offer the teleclasses?

Answer: The calls take place every 3-4 weeks.

Question: How long are the teleclasses?

Answer: Each teleclass runs for 60-90 minutes (depending on the topic), allowing time for Q&A at the end.

Question: How much does each teleclass cost?

Answer: Each class is priced around $30.  The price is the same whether you participate in the live call, or simply order the audio recording and notes.

Question: Will I get to ask questions during the call?
Answer: Yes, I always save time for Q&A time during the teleclasses. Some Q&A sessions will be reserved for the end of the call... while some calls will include individual coaching (it depends on the topic). I will ask you to submit questions ahead of time, and even if you can't be on the live call, I will do my best to answer your questions.

Question: I'm already overloaded with business coaching classes and programs.  Should I invest in your teleclasses?
Answer: You should do what feels right for you. I made these teleclasses stand-alone courses so you wouldn't need to commit to a long program.  You can jump in and out of the series as you want.  You can also always purchase the recording and notes afterwards, once your schedule calms down a bit.

Have a question about the business coaching series?  Feel free to email me.



Previously Recorded Teleclasses:

"Christi's 5-Step Client Attraction System: When You Want New Clients... Fast!"

How to Write a Powerful Lecture... In Less Than 60 Minutes

Top Teleclass Secrets: Everything You Need To Know About Making Money from Teleclasses



Upcoming Teleclass Topics


These are some ideas that we're tossing aroun for future teleclasses:

1. How to Build Multiple Revenue Streams (AKA "How to Make Money Beyond the 6-Month Program")

2. Secrets to Figuring Out Your Personal Marketing Strategy (No More Cold Calls!)

3. Networking Made Simple (Even For Introverts)

4. How to Structure Your Business Schedule For Maximum Productivity (And Minimum Overwhelm)

5. Secrets to Successful Workshops (How to Secure the Right Opportunities and Fill the Seats)

6. How to Write a Powerful Lecture in Less than 60 Minutes

7. How To Get Clients From Your Workshops

8. Marketing Materials Every Professional HHC Should Have

9. How to Use Teleclasses to Make Money and Get Clients

10. How to Write a Dynamic Newsletter That Builds Your List and Attracts Your Ideal Client

11. Secrets to Closing the Deal Without Feeling Fearful, Awkward, or Desperate

12. Christi's 5-Step Client Attraction System: When You Want New Clients... Fast!

13. Working With Clients - LOGISTICS (How to Maximize Your Giveaways, How to Organize Your Materials and Client Communications)

14. Working With Clients - COUNSELING (How to Keep the Momentum Going, How to Keep Things Fresh, How to Keep From Thinking About Your Clients All the Time!)

14. How to Design, Market, and Deliver Successful Group Programs

15. How to Build a Remote/Virtual Counseling Business

16. How To Talk About What You Do In Lots of Different Situations... Without It Sounding Like a Sales Pitch!

17. Your $$ Financial Picture... Where Do You Stand?

18. How To Distinguish Yourself From Other Health Practitioners

19. Joint Ventures: How to Approach Other Practitioners/Organizations

20. The Personal Health Practices That Will Have the Biggest Impact on your Bottom Line

21.  10+ Different Ways to Get Corporate Speaking Engagements

Email me and let me know which topics would be most helpful for you!


Did I miss a topic that would be helpful for you? If so, please email me and let me know what it is!


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