Spring Cleanse Stories

From People Who Bought Christi's e-book

The following women tried a spring cleanse for the very first time this year.  I asked them to share their experiences so that you can learn from them... and hopefully be inspired to try a cleanse of your own. 

Some of the side effects they experienced (fatigue, headache, etc.) are normal side effects of a cleanse.  Remember, the point of a cleanse is to help your body get rid of toxins.  So, sometimes you won't have a 100% pleasant experience while you're doing the cleanse.  But rest assured that you are doing your body a great amount of good.

Some of the biggest lessons learned?

1. Make sure you prepare your food for the cleanse.  You'll feel much better when the food is waiting for you.  You don't want to have to prepare food constantly when you're cleansing.

2. Make sure you plan some downtime. The folks who had the best cleanse experiences were the ones who took the time to plan some slow, relaxing time into their schedule.

3. Find a buddy.  Those who had a friend or partner do the cleanse with them had MUCH more fun... and stuck with it more.

4. Pick the cleanse that works best for you.  If you're training for a marathon, you want to wait until an 'off-day' to do a cleanse... and you should pick the all-grains cleanse.  If you are traveling, then one of the "Remove & Replace" cleanses will work best, because they're less dramatic than the "All You Can Eat' cleanses.

To learn about the book these women followed for their cleanse, click here.


Cleanse Story #1

"I thought your book was easy to understand, encouraging and kind - not too extreme and very realistic. I read your ebook in bits and pieces a couple of times and half-heartedly or inadvertantly started the cleanse this weekend.

My biggest worry was giving up coffee in the morning, even though I know I could use a break. I decided to go with the RAINBOW cleanse because I am generally a healthy eater and I read Fit For Life and it seemed similar.

Here's what happened:

Saturday afternoon - I decide to "trial cleanse" - go to the supermarket, buy all produce (and your ingredients for the arugula salad which was great!)

Saturday dinner: good size salad and seltzer with lime. Late night snack of strawberries and bananas w/honey. Lemongrass white tea.  I felt relaxed and slept well.

Sunday morning: hot water and lemon, strawberries and bananas -- felt great, light and clear. Ran 3 miles in the rain, plenty of energy.

Sunday afternoon/post run: organic coffee w/ half and half (best coffee of my life!) savored every bit. Whole red grapefruit, organic waffles with honey strawberries and bananas. This seemed to bring on more of an appetite and I "picked" all day long on fruit and plain waffles and tea and water.

Sunday dinner: huge salad, seltzer - felt calm.

Sunday dessert (w/ neighbor for her b-day i.e. peer pressure): chocolate cupcake and a 2 mimosas!(w/ fresh squeezed oj). Felt a little crampy and buzzed, but sobered up quickly - got more energy back later in the night. Slept fine.

Monday: ate sort of normal and found I was snacking a lot - cheese crackers, M &M's, etc. THEN... for dinner I made this prepared TRADER JOE'S VEGETABLE CURRY AND RICE dinner (which I never do - I always cook fresh or go out) and it recked havoc on my stomach! I slept with a heating pad all night and vowed to keep eating vegetables indefinitely!

Tuesday: went back to hot water and fruit but then had a scone around 10 a.m. - the stomach pains came back. So now I am back to all vegetables and fruit and seltzer and I am HAPPY, but afraid to eat anything else. (I guess I didn't read your "how to end your cleanse" section very well).

I would like to seriously commit to 3 days as it was a trial run for me - I think I can do it. If I did the cleanse again, what I would do differently is put the realistic part into practice more (i.e. maybe I'd be OK with a cup of coffee in the a.m., but stick to the fruits and veggies otherwise). The thought of giving coffee up was too stressful and not worth it.

Maybe I'd do a coffee cleanse alone and keep normal eating instead of trying to do all at once. I would also mentally prepare a little more instead of going right into it - I'd write it down using the plan in your book."

Cleanse Story #2

"By all means, please feel free to go ahead and share my story. I just love to share when I have found something exciting and positive to pass on to others who will also benefit!

I found a combo tongue brush/scraper when I was doing my grocery shopping on Saturday and bought it. I found myself looking for it at work today when I brushed my teeth after lunch. I will get another one to bring into the office!"

Cleanse Story #3

"I decided to do the fruit and vegetable cleanse, and started today. I was thinking I'd do it for 3 days. So far, so good! I eat a lot, but still am hungry (or was, at work). The first day's probably usually the hardest.

I was VERY tired this morning, the morning of Day 2. I swear, I could have slept all day!

Day 2 (today) went fine. I went to the track after work, but I was far more fatigued than usual so I modified my original intentions and took it easy.

I always take my lunch to work. And it's always a salad, usually with an apple and orange. But for these days, rather than adding a bag of pretzels and a yogurt, I brought pre-packaged fruit cups I got at the store. And this time I squeezed lemons on my salad rather than using the Fannie's dressing I usually use (which probably would have been okay). And the carrots I put in were organic. I always put lots of
olives in my salads. I bought a jar of pickles for home. And I also bought baggies of cauliflower and broccoli for snacks.

For dinners both nights I made a stir fry of whatever veggies I could find around the house (I think I can use spinach and broccoli tomorrow -- I bought some organic broccoli too). I had some peanut oil I bought awhile ago and that flavored it pretty well. Generally a bunch of asparagus and some cauliflowers. Tonight I added broccoli florets and what spinach was left from when I made the salads. I also used lots of seasonings tonight. I ate LOTs. And I've been drinking tazo decaf tea of some sort. I usually use milk and honey but tonight I just used honey (and last night didn't use either). I buy seltzer water and have been drinking lots of that.

Since this was the end of day 3 and I originally planned on a 2 day cleanse, I ate a "normal" dinner. My husband had fixed some sort of goulash thing and I was SO hungry when I got home from work, I didn't even sit down to eat (I know, a bad habit)... I also had some cookies and red licorice. The goulash had chicken cut up in it. Not what I would have eaten on the cleanse. I plan to go to bed soon 'cause I literally almost fell asleep on the drive home.

You feel better after the cleanse rather than during it, right? I do like meat, and I do like caffeine (my body was probably also getting used to not having that) so I won't be cutting those out of my diet for good. I'll have less, and be more cognizant of having more veggies. I had quite a few my first 2 nights. There was some spinach in the goulash so I had as much of that as possible."

Cleanse Story #4

"I did try the cleanse and I really enjoyed it! You did such a good job of making them do-able (living in an itty bitty town, what's do-able here is dramatically different from what's do-able in the city, I was expecting to need to make a drive up to Raleigh). I picked the brown rice one because I loved the idea of making it all at once.

Before ordering a copy of your Spring Cleanse book, I was worried that the e-book would be full of fluff and too much padding to wade through. I almost didn't order it because I thought I wouldn't have time to both read and apply it.

I'm so, so glad I overcame my hesitation. Your book is conversational and easy to read. I was able to go through it all in one sitting and at the end of my first reading, I had a complete plan for my own personal cleanse worked up.

I decided to keep things simple and went with Cleanse #8 and you were right--the cooking's never been easier. In under an hour, I had prepared all my meals for the next two days! Plus, I already had everything I needed right in my own pantry. (And as a single gal, let's just say my pantry's not especially well stocked :-).)

Before my cleanse, I wasn't feeling at all ready for spring--I was sluggish and felt better prepared for a long winter hibernation! But now I definitely have that lighter

I feel silly admitting it, but I'm really proud of myself for completing the cleanse. Why does that make me feel silly? Because it was so incredibly easy to do.

Thank you, Christi, for making this ebook available--it's really made me feel better prepared for spring!"

Cleanse Story #5

"Last night, I cooked up a storm. I'm so jazzed! I have discovered that when I am cooking, I hardly want to eat, so that is a good pastime for me. I microwaved a bag each of butternut squash, yams, sugar snap peas, and beets from Trader Joe's. I added balsamic vinegar to the beets, a little parmesan to the sugar snap peas, a
little maple syrup to the yams and cinnamon to the squash. Then I popped them into ziploc containers and put them in the fridge. I wanted to get some healthy snacks in the fridge, and make sure the good things I bought over the weekend didn't go to waste.

My husband made me a yummy salad, which I didn't even get around to eating until about 9 p.m., because I was having so much fun cooking.

Over the weekend, I made Christi's apple salad, cucumber salad and mixed vegetable recipes. I loaded up on spinach, argula and mache (which Christi just introduced me to as well) for lots of salads. There are pears and apples and bananas just calling my name, along with some yummy pineapple.

But here's the problem, I haven't been hungry! Riddle me that one! I am loading up my plate and then putting half of it away before I even start. Taking my time and chewing slowly.

This morning as I was running errands I really tasted my banana for the first time ever. It lasted forever, I played around with it, squishing it through my teeth and mashing it up against the roof of my mouth and just generally enjoying the sensation of it. It occurred to me that people could get healthy by reverting to their
inner child and playing with their food!"


Cleanse Story #6

"Hi Christi, I have so enjoyed participating in the last two teleclasses! You have such a great style, wit and presence on the phone, and you have managed to "personally include" everyone.

On the cleanse call, I mentioned that I have been drinking vinegar twice a day; at lunch with honey + hot water and in the evening just in cold water. The recommendation was to use Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar, as it is the most pure with no preservatives. I started to use it for symptoms for indigestion and have benefited from other side effects. It is great for your whole digestive tract and is supposed to be a natural help in regulating metabolism and keeping weight off.

Since I am a true thin person, I am not sure how effective it has been for me, but I miss it when I don't drink it and generally carry a small bottle with me!! I am interested to try one of the simpler cleanses for a day, so will be selecting a weekend when I am "home alone" to give it a go."

Cleanse Story #7

"I started yesterday and did pretty good. I've bought extra bananas, apples and pears to bake for dessert instead of eating candy."

Cleanse Story #8

"I did the all-grains cleanse yesterday and wanted to share my experience. I woke up excited about the cleanse and sat quietly and enjoyed a bowl of brown rice with a little honey and herbal tea. I found it difficult to get full, so ate some more rice a little while later.

It was a beautiful day, so we went for a walk.  I got a pedicure. I brought some rice with soy sauce and ate it before my pedicure, sitting outside in the square. I was starting to get a little grumpy because I was having a hard time remaining full. (I also brought water which I drank during the walk.)

I enjoyed my pedicure, met up with my husband, and walked home. I still felt a little grumpy.. didn't have much energy and was actually a little hot. I was also craving ice cream - which is typical for me on a nice, warm day.

In the afternoon, we ran some errands. I thought it would be good to be busy. I brought a rice/quinoa combination and water. Throughout the afternoon I developed a pretty bad headache, didn't have much energy, and got grumpier. The nice thing was that my husband was very supportive. He gave me affection, made
sure I was drinking water, and took the lead in the stores.

When we got home I broke down and had a cup of black tea. I was desperate to get rid of my headache and thought it might be due to a lack of caffeine. (I find this a little surprising because I have gone days without caffeine and have been fine.) When that didn't seem to help I decided to take a nap.... still had a bad headache and took some ibuprofin.

My husband came in to check on me and I asked him to give me a facial massage and then a shoulder massage. He put on soothing massage music. It felt great, and slowly the headache went away. I then did the facial steam from your book - loved it! (I'm now wondering if I was getting a PMS headache that was completely unrelated to the cleanse.)

I ended the night watching TV and eating two bowls of rice. (I can't believe how much rice I ate!!) And, I felt relaxed and looking forward to Monday (what a
change!) when I could eat a variety of food.

A couple of other observations - I didn't have a single bowel movement the whole day (I usually have 2) and I felt fairly mellow all day.

When I woke up this morning I felt pretty foggy but good and ready for the day. I do have a very slight headache and am feeling the need for some black tea.
I think if I wasn't nervous about the headache and didn't mind the grumpiness, then I would have continued the cleanse today.

I found at points in the day yesterday I asked myself "Why am I doing this? Why am I putting myself through this." At any time I could have stopped, but I didn't want to."

Cleanse Story #9

"It is day one of the four day cleanse and it had been going great - not as difficult as I thought it would be. I had a banana and rasberry smoothie for breakfast, plus some dates, a banana and an asian pear as snacks. Then had a green salad and the bok choy salad for lunch. I ate some watermelon this afternoon and I'll probably have another banana for dinner. My friend and I are cooking a stir fry and fruit salad for dinner.

I decided to change to the rainbow cleanse on Day 2 (just fruit and veggies and it has gone ok. I've definitely been hungrier than usual - it's tough to stay full, so I just have been eating a lot of quantity. I haven't felt lighter unfortunately but
that might be because I haven't been exercising and because of the quantity of food I'm eating. My back started bothering me on Tuesday and I'm also fighting
off a cold/really bad sore throat (and feel achy).

It has been a VERY busy week for me - getting ready for work move and vacation. So, I didn't have as much time to relax as I would have liked to during the cleanse, but staying busy may have helped with the hunger.

I hit a low point this afternoon - not feeling great, was hungry and was leaving the doctor's office. I really wanted some comfort food. Matzah ball soup would have hit the spot, but that wasn't easily accessible. I knew fruit and veg weren't going to do
the trick. I ended up deciding that I really wanted a cookie from one of my fav bakeries, so I had one. I definitely enjoyed it and feel full for the first time in days.

I am planning to go back to veggies tonight, and maybe some soup. But before that, I'm going to try to take a hot bath.

So, I'd say I had pretty good experience with the Cleanse, though I don't really feel like I did a cleanse (if that makes any sense). I'm hoping that I will steer towards lighter food while on vacation, now that I'm in habit, but feeling yucky makes me want carbs/confort food...

I would definitely try a cleanse again. Thank you for the inspiration!"


Cleanse Story #10

"I started the rainbow cleanse today…fun fun! I actually got a guy that I'm dating to do it with me as well and we are planning on going up to the Blue Ridge mountains this weekend for some hiking and R & R so it should work out great! I do have a bit of a headache today, but I'm drinking lots of water and making sure I get enough fruits and veggies. As I read, it's better to ease into it…but scheduling wise it worked out best to just jump into it!!"

Cleanse Story #11

"I tried to start the Rainbow Cleanse, but only made it through one day before I had to eat something else besides vegetables and fruit. I think I'll try again when I have a little more free time to plan ahead and make sure I have enought fruits and veggies that I like to eat. Thanks for your help."


Cleanse Story #12

"Thanks for inquiring about the cleanse. It's worked quite well for me. I did choose the broader diet of grains, veggies, and fruits, and some fish.   I stayed with it for 4 days. I am planning another go around next week.  I very much appreciated the clarity and full coverage of information in your book."


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