Christi's "Healthy Shopper" DVD


I remember the very first time I shopped at

my local health food store.

I was overwhelmed by all the unusual vegetables...

I was shocked by what appeared to be higher sticker prices...

And I was very intimidated by the bulk bin section!



It wasn't until I became a Holistic Health Counselor that I realized there is a method to shopping at health food stores. There are tricks that help you keep costs down.  There are fun tips that help you branch out of your normal food routine.

Since I've started shopping regularly at the health food store, I've fallen in love with the gorgeous produce displays, beautiful flowers, immaculate aisles, and healthier food choices.  I've also learned how to be a Smart Shopper so I can enjoy organic foods and a lovely shopping environment... without breaking the bank.

I enjoy sharing my passion for the health food store with my clients, and now I'm able to share it with you, too! 



The"Healthy Shopper" DVD is based on the live health food store tours that I run for my clients.  The DVD highlights an hour-long tour that walks you through most of the major aisles in the Cambridge Whole Foods Market.


Do you ever feel like you're in a food rut?

Do you dread going to the grocery store?

Does the health food store feel overwhelming...

and expensive?


Never fear! If you're in need of some shopping inspiration, I encourage you to pop in my new "Healthy Shopper" DVD for some much-needed food fun!  Whether you've shopped at a health food store for years, or never set food in one before, you will enjoy this tour highlighting the fun, healthy side of grocery shopping.

This DVD is guaranteed to change the way you shop!

The DVD was filmed by a professional TV station here in Boston.  They ran the tour last spring as part of their healthy TV series, and it got rave reviews.  In fact, they received calls from many viewers who said the DVD convinced them to shop at a health food store for the very first time.


Here's a testimonial from a busy mom:

"I was REALLY IMPRESSED with your DVD. It was not only full of great information and tips, but it was beautifully produced too. I was surprised by how professional it was!

Not only did I like it, but my 5 year-old-son and my 2 year-old- daughter loved it too! You're a celebrity at our house now. My kids want to meet you and "play at your house" (the highest compliment) but more importantly -- they want me to bring home some beets & daikon radish to try! (I bet you didn't even realize you were making a kid-friendly video!) My father was here when I saw the video and he's going to order one for himself too. GREAT JOB." - Sarah Zeldman, Solutions For Busy Moms



Sarah liked the DVD so much

that she highlighted it in a

Family Food Network "Picky Eaters" interview




The "Healthy Shopper” DVD was designed with you in mind. I made it as fun, easy-to-understand, and captivating as my live tours.  The producers did a great job adding graphics and cool visual effects... so the DVD will keep your attention from beginning to end.

I just sold out of my current stash of DVDs.

If you'd like to order a large amount of DVDs (50+),

please email me

to set up a bulk discount and delivery.


Benefits of watching the "Healthy Shopper" DVD:
- Learn which veggies prevent sugar cravings... and which ones dissolve fat

- Learn how to shop quickly when you're short on time
- Learn how to select high quality meats and fish
- Learn a quick, easy way to speed read product labels
- Learn fast, easy food swaps that will make you healthier
- Learn about the healthiest snacks for your family
- Learn dairy alternatives

- ... and much more!

If you're trying to convince your family to eat healthy, this DVD can help!  Here's what one of my viewers said:

"If you would like to have your very own tour in the comfort of your own home, you have to get this DVD. Christi did an incredible job on it. I am a veteran health food store shopper - I've been grazing the aisles for at least 15 years- and I found the DVD very helpful and informative.

Buy this DVD if you want to walk in the health food store feeling more informed and looking like you know what you’re doing. My five-year old daughter watched the video with me and now SHE likes the health food store.  This is great because she used to complain every time we went!
" - Debbie, from Florida

I just sold out of my current stash of DVDs.

If you'd like to order a large amount of DVDs (50+),

please email me

to set up a bulk discount and delivery.


Just think how many times you go to the grocery store.  At least once every week or so, right?  Imagine how efficient and fun grocery shopping could be, once you add a little bit of pizzazz to your trips?


Here are what some of my tour participants have said about my store tours/DVD:

"Bob and I started watching the DVD last night (it was awesome!). I had to go out for a little while, and usually if we are watching something together, he'll change to the sports channel when I get up. But when I came home he said he had watched the whole DVD!! And he said it was very great and interesting."   Renee Hastings (a former client)


"I wanted to drop you a BIG THANK YOU -- I purchased your "Healthy Shopper" DVD and found lots of great tips and new things to try.  I have already seen improvements in my energy, health and weight loss goals! The video was so easy to follow and had some wonderful suggestions (I LOVE Terra Chips!!)."  A TNT Marathon Runner

"I am now the goddess of the grocery store.  Who knew shopping could be so fun?" Karolyn F.

"The tour was fast-moving, interesting, fun, so informative, casual, and friendly." Gwen D.

"I haven't been in a natural foods store for a long time, and this provided good motivation to improve my diet once again." Jason H.


I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the DVD.  Just email me. I'm really proud of the DVD, and I put a lot of time, energy and love into it.  I hope it will inspire you to shop, eat, and enjoy the cooking process!

I just sold out of my current stash of DVDs.

If you'd like to order a large amount of DVDs (50+),

please email me

to set up a bulk discount and delivery.


As a bonus, you'll get to see what Christi used to look like... with really, really long hair!











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