"No More Emotional Eating!: The Top 3 Secrets a Health Counselor Used to End Her Emotional Eating Battle For Good"


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In this teleclass, Cynthia Stadd (of Cynfully Healthy) and I covered the following:

- How we got ourselves out of food jail and permanently lost over 20 pounds each
- The very tips and tools we use to support our clients around emotional eating (and keep ourselves on track)
- The THREE SECRETS that must be included in your personal solution for you to be successful
- A real tool you can use in the moment to thwart a mindless eating experience
- And more!

This is what you will get when you order this program:

1. Online audio recording that you can listen to on your computer or iPod after the class.

2. Christi’s famous “What Drives Your Eating” handout to help you decipher what your emotional eating cravings are really saying*.

3. Cynthia’s famous “In the Moment” handout to help you unlock one of the THREE SECRETS*.

4. A reading list to call upon whenever you need inspiration.*

5. Two meal and two snack suggestions to help you get out of a junk food cycle.*

6. A 100% money-back guarantee of satisfaction (as long as you promise to first try all of the tips and techniques that we teach on this call).

*All handouts sent by email.

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"What a great teleclass! I’ve never understood why the work vending machine held so much power over me. Couldn’t I outwit something with no brain at all?

Now I know what really drives emotional eating, and I’m empowered to change my response—to resist the chocolate and the guilt that follows! My heartfelt thanks to Christi and Cynthia for teaching us the Three Secrets of Emotional Eating, and for doing it in such a caring, compassionate way." - Karen C. Ferreira, Live Well Shiatsu, LLC


All I have to say is - WOW! This class really hit home for me and I think it was well worth the $15... actually worth more than that! This is an issue I have really been struggling with and this is a new approach that I have never heard of. I think this $15 has changed my life!! - Whitney


"I was very impressed with the teleclass. I was one of your biggest skeptics. Before the class, I emailed you and challenged you to tell me something new, and you did. You gave me a new perspective on the "it's not what you're eating, it's what's eating you" concept, and the practical steps you offered sound do-able." - Gail S.


"I thought the teleclass was great! Before the class, I thought that you and Cynthia were going to give us ways to distract ourselves from the kitchen to keep from eating emotionally. Obviously, I was very wrong! 

As you both were talking, I was thinking about the feelings I'd had that I've been scared to address.  Well, this opened the floodgates! Friday I was a bit of a wreck as all these things started surfacing... and you two were right, I didn't even want food.

I did a little baking over the weekend (and that is my weakness), and while I enjoyed a few
cookies here and there, it was not an eating fest by any means.  Dealing with my emotions is helping me take small steps towards working through them and taking care of myself.

One of my challenges now is to keep food from being the most exciting part of my day!! I'll keep working on this and keep you posted - thanks to you and Cynthia both for the teleclass - it has definitely made a difference for me already!" - Kendra S.



- Do you ever feel like food has complete control over you?

- Do you binge on low-quality food … and feel like you can’t stop?

- Do certain foods sit on your shoulder like powerful little devils, saying, “Eat me! Eat me!”

- Does food become your best friend in times of joy or sadness?

- Do you eat for reasons other than hunger?

If so, I totally understand.

Up until a few years ago, I was a big-time emotional eater.

My guilty pleasure? Peanut butter and cool whip… straight up from the jar/tub, eaten with a spoon until it was all gone (then I licked the jar/tub clean!).

I’m relieved to say that those days are gone. That’s why I was thrilled to co-host this month’s teleclass with Cynthia Stadd.

Between the two of us, we’ve been through 20+ years of intense emotional eating and weight battles.

Now we’ve come out the other side, and we want to help you experience the same freedom.

I invited Cynthia to help me lead this call because she is truly an expert in supporting people who want to learn how to stop binge eating, overeating, and yo-yo dieting.

A recovered binge eater herself, Cynthia has successfully helped many clients reach their ideal body weight without dieting. She is extremely smart and eloquent, a talented singer and dancer, and a heck of a lot of fun to be around!

If you’re like Cynthia and myself, you’ve tried (repeatedly) to use your intelligent, logical brain to figure out how to stop eating more than your healthy share of Twinkies, cake, chocolate, wine, carbs, peanut butter… whatever your food pleasure may be. Yet nothing seems to work.

No wonder you’re frustrated!

Emotional eating has nothing to do with logic or intelligence. It has nothing to do with will power or control.

Your battle with emotional eating comes down to THREE SECRETS.

These THREE SECRETS are so simple that you’ve probably overlooked them in the past… yet they’re so powerful that they ALWAYS work. That means that it's not hard to say good-bye to emotional eating… once you know what to do.

If you try to stop emotional eating without first knowing these THREE SECRETS, you might be lucky enough to experience short-term success… but you will probably end up back where you started within a matter of weeks or months.

Trust us, we know, because we’ve been there.

To say good-bye to emotional eating for good, you need to incorporate these THREE SECRETS into your solution.

Are you ready to learn what these THREE SECRETS are?


If you’re ready to say good-bye to emotional eating, then here's what you need to do:


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