LAUREN'S STORY: Getting Off Sugar and Zoloft... Naturally*

Lauren was a professed sugar-holic who couldn't make it one day without binging on candy. She knew the location of every candy shop in the Boston area. She was a nurse working the night shift who needed a lot of energy... not only for work, but also for her upcoming wedding!


What We Did Together
Lauren was drawn to sugar because she lived a fast-paced life and ate lots of processed foods. In her Ultimate Wellness Program, we introduced a new breakfast meal that kept her full for hours (she was surprised when lunchtime rolled around and she wasn't hungry!).

We replaced artificial sweeteners, butter sprays, and processed snacks with healthier alternatives... and Lauren noticed an improvement in her workouts immediately. When I suggested that she find ways - other than sugar - to have 'sweetness' in her life, Lauren initiated fun weekend trips with friends, apple picking, and took up knitting again.

When Lauren told me that she really wanted to work the day shift, we role-played the conversation and boosted her confidence so that she'd be ready for the negotiation.


The End Result
Lauren ended up getting the day shift she'd dreamed about. She beat her sugar addition. She is less intimidated by recipes, and knows how to substitute natural sweeteners for sugar. Lauren started hating some of the very habits she swore she could never break! She also was able to successfully tackle her last health challenge on her own - getting off Zoloft.


Lauren's Testimonial
"My conversation with you gave me so much strength. I didn't even feel nervous when I talked with my boss about moving to the day shift. I was very confident and relaxed and I would never have been able to do this if it wasn't for you. I have stopped taking the Zoloft - with lots of thanks to you. I never refilled my prescription and it has been 3 weeks now. So far so good, not one sleepless night and there is no reason there ever should be." Lauren B., Client

*It's not advisable to stop taking medications without your doctor's approval.  Holistic health counselors will work with your doctors to supplement any care you receive from the traditional medical community.



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