"Christi's Secret Holiday Strategies:

A Practical and Inspirational Program

for Busy Women Who Refuse to Sacrifice

Their Weight, Health or Sanity

During the Holidays!"


When I think back to my childhood holidays, I have tons of great memories like these:


Christmas morning, 1977.  I was two years old, and I'd just opened up a box to find a pair of red shiny buckle shoes inside.  My mom said I ran around the room for an hour, shrieking with glee!


"The Cookie Lady" rang our bell every Christmas Eve Day, like clockwork.  We looked forward to her arrival - not just because of the plate of cookies she brought - but because of her fiery red hair, contagious laugh, and the way she made us feel like the most special delivery on her route.


I spent my first Thanksgiving away from home in Boston after graduating from Villanova University. My brother came to visit, and we sat on two folding chairs in my undecorated apartment, watching the parades on my 13-inch TV and eating Stove Top stuffing from a box, store-bought turkey sandwiches, and cranberry from a jar. And we had the best day!


Pretty soon, I became known as "The Holiday Cheer Girl" because I organized all sorts of holiday fun, including a holiday trip to the Newport Mansions and a big holiday party at my apartment.




With memories like these, I never understood why other people hated the holidays. When I started working one-on-one with my health counseling clients eight years ago, I was shocked to hear them say things like:


"I always gain weight over the holidays - I have no will power. I indulge, indulge, indulge, and as my waistband gets tighter, I vow I'll work the extra weight off in January.  But, every year, it gets harder and harder to make it disappear."


Other clients would confess:


"I'm really strict with myself during the holidays. Last year, I didn't gain any weight, but I felt restricted and bitter the whole time. All of my fun holiday traditions are wrapped up in food. So if I'm not going to eat the food, what the heck do I replace it with?


But here was the comment that blew my mind:


"The holidays stress me out.  I can't wait until they're over.  I race around trying to get everything done.  Between the traveling, baking, present shopping, and card writing, I'm wiped out. I wish I could skip the holidays altogether this year."

When I heard my clients say these things, I was blown away.  Skip the holidays altogether?  C'mon now - why would you ever want to do that? It never even occurred to me that people could dread the holidays. 


Until I got married and had kids.  Then all of a sudden it all started to make sense.  For a few years, I started to slip into the "holiday dread" cycle I'd heard my clients talk about. But I because I'd worked with so many women on this very challenge, I knew exactly what I had to do:

I had to redefine and reclaim my holiday season.


As the Holiday Cheer Girl, I was up for the task!  So, I set out to create an inspiring and practical program that would help me and my clients enjoy the holidays without sacrificing our bodacious bodies, sanity, or bliss.




If you don't like the way your holidays have gone in the past, it's time to make a change.  Right here and right now.  Because you'll never get this holiday season back again.  And if you play your cards right, the holidays can actually set you up for unparalleled levels of health and happiness next year.


This year, your holiday season is going to be different.  How do I know that? 


Because this year, you've got the Holiday Cheer Girl on your side! This year, my gift to you is:


"Christi's Secret Holiday Strategies:

A Practical and Inspirational Program

for Busy Women Who Refuse to Sacrifice

Their Weight, Health or Sanity

During the Holidays!"

 I refuse to let myself or my clients dread the holidays. And I refuse to let YOU settle for anything less than a kick-ass holiday season this year.


Take a look at what's included in this program - I just know you're going to love it!





When you order this program, you'll receive:


1. The inspirational audio recording of my live, original "How to Survive the Holidays without Gaining Weight or Going Crazy" teleclass.  You'll hear me coach my clients through really fun holiday exercises, and share my own personal holiday solutions. Listen to this hour-long audio program to on your computer or download the .mp3 to your iPod. 

2. A complete transcript of the teleclass (in electronic .pdf format). I added this transcript because I know some of you learn better by reading than listening. It's a great complement to the audio recording.


3. A content-rich, 42-page program "Funbook" (I can't call it a "workbook" because it's too much fun!). This electronic .pdf Funbook will help you create your personal action plan.

What does the Funbook include?

1. My transformational "Holiday Traditions" Exercise and Worksheet: a personal action plan that walks you through the "Four D's" process that will make your holiday to-do list manageable, blissful, and something you actually look forward to. 

2. 20 creative solutions to prevent over-eating and weight gain during the holidays, including 11 "Holiday Party Eating Game Plans" for health-conscious people who want to eat those holiday treats without feeling yucky afterwards.


3. 14 "Stress Busting Ideas" that will totally wipe out your stress during the holidays. 

4. 11 "Money-Saving Tricks" that will help you avoid over-spending during the holidays, without skimping on the memories and special gifts.


5. A list of 28 kick-butt "Ways to HAVE FUN" this holiday season.  This list will help you create non-food traditions and memories with your family.  It will also make you feel like a kid again!

6. A "Healthy Holiday Wish List" of 51 diverse gift ideas, including clutter-free ideas for folks who live far away, natural items for health-minded people, luxurious items for VIPs, and low-budget ideas for all those "extra" little gifts that sneak up on you (teachers, mailman, neighbors, etc.)

7. A compilation of "Boundary Scripts" that you can use to set healthy boundaries when other people try to force food on you during the holiday season (think, your mom, mother-in-law, grandma, skinny co-workers, etc.).  Learn how to graciously say no to unhealthy food, without sounding like a close-minded health maniac.

8. A yummi-licious collection of 25 holiday recipes.  The best thing? These recipes are all peanut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and sugar-free.  Most are meat-free and gluten/wheat-free, as well.  You'll learn how to make the dishes I take to holiday parties, as well as the weekday meals I make for my family during the holiday season.






If you follow my Holiday program, you will:

- Create new holiday traditions that don't involved food

- Avoid the typical 5-10 pound holiday weight gain (you may even lose weight!)

- Develop your own party game plan so you can indulge at holiday parties without suffering the usual consequences (weight gain, gas, bloating, hangovers)

- Learn how to make healthy holiday treats that actually taste good

- Figure out how to graciously (and effectively) ward off people who try to force feed you unhealthy holiday food

- Avoid those awkward conversations with your relatives about your "alternative" eating habits

- Say good-bye to feelings of stress and overwhelm

- Learn how to say no to holiday activities that make you feel bitter and resentful

- Create time for the holiday activities that make you feel giddy

- Stop racing around from mall to mall like a chicken with your head cut off

- Include nourishing, pampering holiday activities for yourself into your holiday schedule

- Have as much holiday fun as when you were a kid!

- Open your mailbox without fear or guilt when your post-holiday credit card bills arrive


Just think of all the junk food and negative, stressful thoughts you put into your body during past holiday seasons.  Wouldn't it be nice to start fresh this year and reclaim your holiday season?  

If you don't do things differently this year, you will just run on automatic pilot (and that's not always pretty!).


This program does NOT endorse an extreme, perfectionist approach to the holidays. I am no Martha Stewart and I do not (under any circumstances) count calories. 

So, if you are looking for a bootcamp-like program that will whip you into shape or make you feel bad about your body or your holiday decorations, you'll need to look elsewhere.





Why should you buy Christi's Holiday Program today?


The holiday season goes by in a blink of an eye. 

You'll never get this holiday season back again.  I really want you to enjoy yourself - and stay healthy - this year. 

I needed this program to gently hold myself accountable to my health goals, and I want to offer you that same kind of loving, motivational support.

The price of the program is a mere $67.







Here's what other people have to say about "Christi's Secret Holiday Strategies" program:


"I'm not a big fan of audio programs, and with no kids and no real responsibilities, I tend to really enjoy the holidays. But, not really wanting to deal with those extra 5 pounds of holiday weight gain, I decided to listen to the program anyway. And I'm so glad that I did! Christi's program is about so much more than just what to eat during the holidays to keep my body nourished and healthy. It's about so much more than tips for avoiding overeating at Thanksgiving. What it was really about, for me, was making each holiday season memorable, delightful, and inspiring. I thought things were just fine before, but now that I've seen how amazing the holiday season can be, I can't wait. Thank you Christi! - Jessica Albon, North Carolina

"I originally signed up for this program because I wanted to make sure I felt healthy come January 2nd... and not feel like a truck hit me!  On the teleclass, I learned that planning is key. Something that really struck me was writing 5 holiday cards a day (in other words, not overwhelming myself).  After participating in this program, I felt more confident because I had a map and tools to handle any holiday situation."  - Susanne Kind, www.yourkindofnutrition.com

"Thanks for all of the inspirational emails! I love getting your emails and really enjoyed reading the Funbook and the transcript for the teleclass. Lots of great ideas.  In particular, I love the concept of the 4 D's. I love the green smoothie - very tasty! I have made other green blender drinks before and this one is one of the best. It tastes (and feels) like a whole bunch of healthy goodness in a glass! And it definitely helps keep the digestive plumbing moving quite well too!" - Andrea B.

"I've used Christi's Secret Holiday Strategies program for the last two years and will be back again next year for a booster shot I'm sure! I find Christi's strategies to be practical, simple, effective, and FUN and can be used year round when you really think about it.  I love the new Funbook! Christi's tips for the table and snappy comebacks for "the pushers" are my favorite. I am excited to try some of her recipes for the holidays. I host Christmas and have an ongoing spread of food throughout the day - everyone looks forward to healthy new treats and I think some of the recipes from the Funbook will be perfect. As a Holistic Health Counselor myself, I live a life of healthy and positive choices.  Christi is someone who has helped me keep on track during difficult times.  I'll hear one of her tips pop into my mind at just the right time and boom, my hand backs away from the cookie tray and reaches for my tea! Thanks for keeping me on track!" - Tamara Flanders, www.Yourbodyawake.com

"I am looking forward to revisiting the teleclass notes and funbook this weekend to establish plans for the upcoming pre-Christmas celebrations.  It has been helpful to realize the power of having a plan. Wrapping everything together and creating a whole menu of options really makes your teleclass and funbook helpful.  Over the past couple of months I have been refocusing on my health and wellness and the timing of your program was quite nice. On Black Friday I spent quite a while looking through your other resources (articles mostly) as well as other things online to just remind myself of the work that it takes to keep a body healthy and happy and of all the benefits that come from maintaining good health.  I think I'll make this a tradition, to get going on 'resolutions' and such during the holiday season, rather than after the fall-out. Thank you again for putting together the holiday survival guide.  I'll be referring to it a few more times this year, I'm sure.  - Suzanne K.

I really got your program to use the entire Christmas month.  My challenges are the in-between the holiday meals when everyone is bringing treats to work. Although I'm not a dessert magnet, when they're at work during the holidays, they are so festive & interesting looking and they break up my day so I like to skip breakfast so I can see what someone will bring in. So I'm using your e-program for an added bit of strength/motivation. I don't plan to give up anything I really want, but I don't "have" to have a lot of it. Especially since I want to do a little baking this year with my son--homemade cookies are hard to resist, lol. - M.J.


Q: What makes this holiday program so special? 

A: It's written in my trademark fun, conversational style. You can't help but be inspired and motivated to take action. Every solution in this program has been personally hand-tested by me, my family, and my clients.  The suggestions are realistic, and they work.


Q: Can I find the ingredients for your holiday recipes at the grocery store?

A: Most of the ingredients can be found in the regular grocery store.  In some cases, you'll need to look in the "healthy section."  There are some ingredients that you may need to go to a Whole Foods or health food store for, but most can be found at any old grocery store. 


Q: Will I have to give up chocolate?

A: Good gracious, absolutely not! Chocolate is a key part of the holiday season for a lot of women; so why would we want to give it up? Many of my recipes include chocolate, carob, or cacao.  Great question!


Q: How soon will I receive the program?
A: As soon as you make the purchase you will receive an email with a link to the audio recording and the written materials. You can start using it right away!

Q: How soon should I start the program?

A: As early in the holiday season as possible. I go through the program a week before Thanksgiving. Sure, the holidays themselves are short-lived, but the whole *season* lasts from October 31 until January 1.  That's two whole months that are full of parties and obligations, so keeping yourself healthy and sane all season long requires a long-term intention.  The earlier you start the program, the more momentum you have, and the better your holidays will be. Also, this year everyone needs to pay special attention to their health because of the flu that's going around.  Eating healthy food and avoiding stress this year will ensure that you feel well enough to make an appearance at your holiday parties.

Q: How much does the program cost?

A: The price of the program is only $67.


I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the program.  Just email me.

I'm extremely proud of this holiday program, and I put a lot of time, energy and love into it.  

This may just be the best gift that you buy yourself all year.



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