“Open Q&A Call Recording:

Ask Christi Anything About Her Experience at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition”

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I get several emails a day from people who are interested in becoming holistic health counselors.  They email me with questions about The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), the school in New York City where I received my training. 

Because IIN is offering a distance learning program (which means you don’t have to travel to NY to attend the school), interest in IIN is growing every day.


IIN was the single most transformational experience of my life, and I love sharing my IIN experience with people. I also love helping them evaluate whether IIN is the right school for them



But, with my two little boys around, I don’t have enough computer or phone time these days to connect with everyone who wants my input on IIN. 

I think it’s important that everyone’s questions get answered (I know I had tons of questions when I was thinking about investing in IIN, and I was quite skeptical, actually)… so here’s what I did for you.



I hosted a f*r.e.e teleclass for you, where I honestly and openly answered all of the questions I received about IIN. 




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