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"How to Write a Powerful Lecture ...In Less Than 60 Minutes"



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Do you want know the secret

to writing a powerful lecture

in less than 60 minutes? 

Better yet, a lecture that will not only help people, but will inspire them as well, and help you

get you new clients?



Even if you're new to public speaking, it's not hard to write a dynamic lecture that will impress your audience, win their trust, and bring you new clients.

In fact, once you have the structure down, you can write comprehensive seminar outline in less than 60 minutes.

Imagine being able to crank out a new lecture in less time than it takes to watch a TV show or bake a lasagna!


During this teleclass, I walk you through the lecture development steps together. You won't just hear about how to create a lecture - you will actually WORK THROUGH the steps with me during the class. 

By the end of the teleclass, you will have a working lecture outline that you can use for your next speaking engagment... or add to your seminar list.



In this teleclass, Christi covers:

1. How to generate your own personal list of lecture topics

2. How to write titles that attract a crowd

3. How to create a memorable opening sequence

4. What you should never do in your introduction

5. Three ways to organize the "Brain Candy" part of your talk

6. How to get rave reviews by making your lecture applicable, practical, and personalized

7. How to help people get excited about working with you once the lecture is over

8. What the Call To Action is, and why it's the most important thing to keep in mind when writing your lecture outline


This teleclass will help you if:

- You don't have a lot of experience designing workshop curriculums or lectures

- You've given talks before, but you spend too much time developing your lecture

- You avoid setting up lectures because you want to have an outline ready before you approach that yoga studio, gym, or corporation

- You have a hard time choosing marketable workshop topics or titles

- You feel overwhelmed because you can never fit everything you want to say into your 60-minute speaking slot

- You are nervous about speaking in front of other people, and want to gain more confidence in your abilities as a presenter

- You want to learn how to give talks without reading from your notes


Testimonials from health practitioners

who bought this teleclass:

"I just want to thank you for such an AWESOME and REALLY informative, helpful class!  This really gave me a great way to break it down. Honestly, almost everything was a new idea for me.  How to come up with the title was helpful, as well as all the different categories which keep the audience interested and engaged.  I really like the idea you presented for coming up with new topics - I never thought of it that way.  The solution/myth/trend section was great.  It was all great!  I feel like I have all the ammo to write a really great lecture!" - Sandra I., Health Counselor, Graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition

"I really enjoyed the teleclass. There wasn't much of the call that WASN'T helpful! :) The template itself was extremely helpful, and in particular the various ways to structure the content of the lecture. I learn best by hearing lots of examples (it helps me put trends and content together in the material, and then I'm more easily able to come up with new ideas), so that was very helpful as well. I plan to use the template for future workshops. You sure covered a lot in a short time! Looking forward to the next one!" - Lisa Smith, Health Counselor, Graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition,

"I just listend to the audio class, it was fantastic, thank you so much. The most useful thing was the structure you provided. I have so many ideas for each topic, but by keeping it simple and working within the template it was much more manageable. Right after the call I wrote my lecture for healthy snacking. It's something I've been putting off for months! Although I still have some tweaking to do on it, I feel confident and am no longer going to procastinate on writing other talks." - Julie L., Health Counselor, Graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition

"I've learned so much - you are such a wonderful presenter! I just listened to the recording, and I want to share I've already done my 3 outlines in no time at all!  I think what was most helpful was realizing my personal roadblocks." - Julie H.,

"Love it!  You're amazing!  It was ALL very helpful. Your teleclass and outline just made it all seem so easy.  I was making it much more difficult than it had to be. I particularly liked the suggestions you gave for the body of the talk. The different approaches will keep me from getting carried away with feeling like I need to include everything.  I will definitely be listening to more of your teleclasses." - Christine S.,

"I've been browsing your site for some time now and just finished listening to your audio recordings, "Top Teleclass Secrets" and "Lecture Writing". The information you provide is invaluable and you've just saved me a ton of work and time. Having a 2 year old I don't have time to "reinvent the wheel." - Carla Serrano Stout, Certified Holistic Health Counselor,


About your facilitator:

You may have heard Christi Collins' lecture skills in action in the "Sugar Blues" CD that the Institute for Integrative Nutrition hands out as part of their curriculum.

If you haven't heard Christi speak, you can check out the free business coaching teleclass that she facilitated in September.

Christi has done more than 75 lectures for audiences ranging from 2 to 1200 people.  Since graduating from IIN in 2003, Christi has written more than 25 lectures and 27 teleclasses.

She is an expert at developing lectures that grab audiences' attention, get rave reviews, and inspire people to make healthy changes.

While Christi admits she does spend more than 60 minutes finetuning her lectures and classes (she's a self-proclaimed perfectionist!), she uses a special system to generate 80% of her lecture in less than one hour.

This page explains Christi's corporate speaking background and highlight some of the audience reviews Christi has received.



This is what you will get when you order the program:

1. The .mp3 audio recording - you can download this recording to your computer and listen to it with your speakers, or download it to your iPod or .mp3 player. You can also burn it onto a CD.  The recording is yours to keep... forever.

2. Christi's Lecture Outline Template that you can use to create your own lecture outlines - you will fill this template in during the teleclass (by the end of the class, you'll have a working lecture outline!)*

3. Christi's Quick Reference Lecture Cheat Sheet (this is the one-page outline she uses during her actual lectures)

4. A 100% money-back guarantee of satisfaction (as long as you promise to first try all of the tips and techniques that Christi teaches on this call).

*All handouts sent in electronic .pdf format by email after the teleclass.




"How to Write a Powerful Lecture ...In Less Than 60 Minutes!"

Order the .mp3 audio recording and notes

*The Audio Recording is an mp3 file that you can listen to on your computer, on your iPod, or burn onto a CD and listen to it in your car.

Cost: only $29

(You'll make this back easily when you

sign new clients after your next lecture!)




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