What Clients Say

I asked my clients to share what it was like to work with me. I am honored to share with you some of their responses:


What's It Like Working with Christi?


"Hi Christi, I was thinking of you today and how much you helped me during our time together -- I was thinking especially how different my life is now on the day I published my first article!!! So I wanted to share it with you since you are so special to me.  You helped me create the life I want to live -- this is a far cry from the days of not being able to take a shower and doing nothing for myself!" - Fiona B., former client who worked with me several years ago before attending IIN and becoming a Holistic Health Counselor herself!

"I've been doing really well health-wise and wanted to let you know.  I did a cleanse a number of weeks ago and lost that extra weight!  Since then I haven't really wanted sugar. I've been feeling really good and I have you to thank for that.  What you do affects people positively for a long time, probably for life?!!  Pretty amazing." - Kendra S., Former Client who worked with me a year ago


"I have started living life!  Prior to the sessions, I was in and out of depression and in constant escape mode.  I started loving myself again, and in turn, started enjoying others more.  I have never felt as in sync with my overall well-being as I have since working with you.  My clothes have started to fit better, and I now exercise for the overall health benefit instead of strict weight loss.  I have given up caffeine and artificial sweeteners.  I have virtually stopped obsessing about what I eat, and I have incorporated many new nutritious foods into my diet. I can eat a piece of chocolate without feeling like I've failed myself! 

If I get off track for a few days, I am able to let it go and get back on track by doing the things I know will center me.  The biggest benefit has been the improvement in my overall happiness.  There is now room in my head for things other than weight obsessions!

This program was worth every penny and I would do it again in a heartbeat! I felt I could always share my thoughts with you, without you passing judgment. The variety of recommendations - experiments, recipes, articles, books - always kept things interesting and fun. You were my pillar of strength over the past few months." - Kate O., Individual Phone/Email Client


"You’ve changed the way I think and the way I want to live – you can’t put a price on that!  Christi, you have amazing energy than carries through in your work. You are extremely good at helping people make changes – doing little things that aren’t overwhelming in order to get better results. I think you are extremely talented and you have definitely found your calling – it’s obvious by the way you do your work.

The good news is that I have barely been sick this year – a couple of slight colds but no bronchitis and nothing in my chest which is a huge change from last year! My awareness level for overall health has increased tremendously. You forced me to think in terms of what is best for me versus what I should or shouldn’t do.  You also reignited my interest in health and nutrition.You have made a huge impact on my life and overall attitude, so thank you!!" - Kendra S., Individual Client


"Honestly, I wish I had done something like this ten years ago. I think you are an amazing person. Your ability to make people feel like they have known you forever is truly amazing. You immediately won my trust and made me feel like you were one of my best friends. You are clearly sincere, and it is so obvious that you love what you do, that it makes it much easier to open up and dump all of my problems on your lap. I also appreciate the fact that you deal with all issues, not just the ones relating to food. I am definitely going to miss our conversations, and your warm calming effect on my brain. I have seen an abundance of positive changes in myself over the past six months that I never would have anticipated when I began working with you. Most importantly, I am learning to be good to myself and listen to my body. I have definitely had an improvement in my bowel functions, which has been a very big problem for me, for a long time. But, mentally, learning to be good to myself has had the biggest impact on how I feel." - Sue R., Individual Phone Client


"I just wanted to send an e-mail to say hello and thank you once more for helping me through that time in my life while I was in Boston. I can't tell you how many times your counseling and advice has helped in my life even to this day. It makes me stop and evaluate what's really going on when something feels "off" in my life/health and I just wanted to share that with you. Thank you again for the world of difference you have made in my life every single day!"  - A Fabulous Former Client who just emailed me out of the blue!

“This program was most certainly worth the money spent. I’m more aware of who I am and what I need, mentally and physically. I just feel happier overall, and that makes me feel more confident! The fact that I’m not a size 2 doesn’t bother me! I appreciate myself more as an individual now than I used to. I used to try to change myself. I’d forgotten about who I was, trying to be someone else. I love ME more now!  The biggest benefit was Self Awareness! I have never listened to my body even half as much as I do now. I listen and I better understand what it needs and doesn’t need! You are a very warm person, so completely easy to talk to. You never judged….even when my thoughts were bouncing from one idea to another. You are so very motivational, which is half the battle in keeping up with the amazing lifestyle change." - Ana B., An Individual Client


"The biggest benefit of this program has been the therapeutic nature.  It has really been a gift being able to speak with Christi.  I've looked forward to every session because it was truly a great release and a great gift! You are so kind and loving.  You educate so well, and are so excited about what you do that it makes others excited as well. This program was worth every penny (and I don't have many pennies!).  I left every session feeling like I really made a stab at an issue that has been haunting my life.  Words can't even begin to say how thankful I am."  - Elizabeth A., Individual Client


"You are incredibly empathic and warm, and yet you challenged me and pushed me exactly when I needed pushing.  You are wise and generous and your growth is in teaching and sharing.  You are amazing!" - Morella D., Individual Business Coaching Client


"My tummy feels so much better — my stomach aches and gas are less frequent, and they don’t constantly affect my social life!  I have become much more intune with my body and the choices I make—not just what I eat, but also how I treat myself.  I have started to see a direct relationship between those choices and how my tummy feels, which makes me want to continue to eat healthy, take care of myself, and be very conscious about what I put into my body.  I have eliminated dairy (and don’t think I will ever go back) and you have really encouraged me to try new foods.  I also think that I lost a couple of pounds… that wasn’t really a goal of mine, but what girl wouldn’t be pleased with that? 

You helped me to realize that I really need to slow down.  Some people can go 100 miles an hour constantly, but in order for me to feel my best, I need to slow down and take care of myself.  Christi, you are the most genuine person.  You really seem to care deeply about your clients.  You share in their disappointments and celebrate with their successes.  Coach is a great word to describe you because you have given me guidance and support along the way, but ultimately it has been my decision what advice I decide to take and apply to my life." - Kristin C., Individual Phone Client


I just watched your video of the talk you did for Hewlett-Packard called: "How to Use Food and Guilt-Free Self-Care to Improve Your Work Performance."  The timing is perfect. Thanks for sharing and for being brave enough to follow your passion and then having the courage to introduce what you have learned to others.

I think the most helpful was in recognizing that we (women) often see our selves as only givers and not recipients. Your discussion on foods was not a "vegetarian plug." Instead of hearing the negative of other food habits or preferences, you explained foods and their direct relation to not only our tastes but to our thoughts and emotions. Bravo to you! To live intentionally has been something of an ideal but now it is my goal. To live, work, love, and worship intentionally.
You made a difference in one person's life. Thank you, Christi.

- A HP Seminar Participant


"Christi's super friendly, never intimidating, fun, always positive and uplifting. Christi obviously loves what she's doing." - Gwen D., Individual Client


"Awesome! Christi is very supportive, easy to talk to, great listener, very knowledgeable, very reliable. I figured out what I want to do with my life! I'm more assertive, and I take more time for myself. I'm not afraid of health food stores anymore. I'm more open-minded and I try new healthy foods - I'm getting over my food phobias!" - Kristen O., Individual Client

"Christi's approach is to help you work within the daily pressures and constraints of your life to find a healthy balance not only in your diet, but in all aspects of your life." - Maida K., Group Client

""I feel more confident in my ability to juggle professional and personal lives and I had a fun and relaxing time with you and Joline. I think you would be great for most of the students, doctors, and patients I know! Anyone trying to run a health business or lead workshops would benefit from your expertise." - Devon R., Individual Client and BU Medical Student

"Christi is giving, caring, real, human, interesting, a great listener, very intuitive, supportive." - Karolyn F., Individual Client

"Christi is like a good friend. She listens well, is fun, easy-going, and supportive. Going to Christi felt like being pampered. I was able to put some boundaries on work and home chores, and I take better care of myself. I experienced less "sugar drops." I lost 3-4 pounds without trying. I have more energy and I need slightly less sleep it seems, too. I'm a lot more aware of food choices and I'm cooking much, much more now (it used to be all instant foods). I feel healthier and more in control of my whole life - stress, food, relationships." - Kathy A., Individual Client

"Christi is very calm and compassionate. Incredibly intelligent about anything related to nutrition, exercise, and stress release. Very adaptive to whatever I needed. A wonderful resource for anything related to the body." - A Client

"Christi is extremely motivated and creative. Because she is objective about the problem, she has the ability to come at solutions from a variety of directions. She has excellent listening skills. I feel more prepared for both business and personal trips, with easy-to-follow guidelines for eating and exercising. For me it's all been about education - learning the impact of my behavior on my body and how even subtle changes can make a difference. Christi's personal attention - not only to my problems, but to me - made her suggestions worth trying. She wasn't disturbed by push back because she always had another angle of approach." - Jodi I., Individual Client

"I have become much more aware of how food affects my body, as well as anything else in my life such as stress, relationships, etc. I have learned to view my self-image in a very positive light and feel sexy about myself. I have lost weight near the end and my energy level has skyrocketed. I have cooked foods I never even heard of before and have enjoyed them! The biggest benefit of this program has been an absolutely new view of food and how it affects my body." - Carla G., Phone Client

"I feel like I am a new person. I feel like we learned so much in such a short time. I am eating healthy for the first time in years. I have lost 5 pounds just by eating healthy - and not even trying to lose weight! I have found "me" again. My energy has increased GREATLY. I am able to manage my stress in a healthy way even though it is not much lower than before. I cook more, and my food choices are SIGNIFICANTLY better. I feel centered and I have been able to face a lot of demons which have been bothering me." - Michelle M., Group Client

"This program wasn't just about "what to eat" but also about how to improve my general well-being. I got more than I ever expected by taking your class. I look forward to eating and the many choices. I feel better, have more energy, less fatigue, less bloating, and a general optimism about food and about eating. I have also learned quite a bit about myself and have changed parts of my lifestyle to better suit myself and to reduce stress." - Ursula J., Group Client

"What I learned from your program has really changed the way I look at things. I am still very busy, but I feel much less frazzled. I am more in tune with the signs my body gives me This past year, I moved and started a new job, and I've been able to cope and use some of the skills I learned in the program to de-stress, take time and take care of myself, and still get my work done. Thank you so much!!" - E. Shetler, Group Client


"Christi is warm, caring, supportive and enthusiastic. She knows when to push in a way that motivates and gets results. It is obvious that she is doing what she loves and that shines through in her client interactions." Kristen U., Phone Client, IIN Grad, www.renewhn.com


"Christi's style is informative and welcoming. She makes switching to 'more organic' eating very approachable." - Jason H., Client's Boyfriend, Health Food Store Tour Participant


"She's gentle, non-intrusive, 'good karma,' non-threatening, challenges us to make small changes, supportive." - Christine P., TNT Marathon Runner, Health Food Store Tour Participant and Seminar Participant


"Christi's style is informative, friendly, knowledgeable. She gladly answers even the most basic questions, without making on feel not knowledgeable." - Bruce M., Client's Husband, Health Food Store Tour Participant


"Christi is very easy going, casual but professional. I felt comfortable asking questions. It's nice how she makes her tours so interactive." - Paul M., TNT Marathon Runner, Health Food Store Tour Participant and Seminar Participant


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