Fun Facts

I like to get to know the personal side of the health counselors who support my health. So, I thought I'd let you in on a few secrets about me!

Fun Facts about Christi

- In January 2009, we welcomed our second baby boy to the family - Henry Christopher.  He is not only an amazing baby (charismatic, playful, smiley, athletic, and loud!), but he also helped me create a truly transformational healing experience during his birth.  He was born in a birth tub in my office here at home, at the tail end of a giant snowstorm. I got to pull him out from under the water as soon as he was born, and spend the first few hours and days with him at home, not at the hospital.  It was an unbelievable experience that I will never, ever forget. I could give birth that way any day.

- In February of 2006, we welcomed our first baby, Evan Wyatt.  He is smart-as-a-whip, an intense negotiator (already), imaginative, quick to catch on to anything, an amazing baseball player, organized like his momma, mature for his years, quite the collector, and sensitive to everyone else's feelings.

- I'm the luckiest woman ever, because I got to marry a marvelous man named Ben Collins!  He rocks... he loves to fish, hunt, go on bike rides, figure out how to fix things, build bikes from scratch, ski, and do pretty much anything athletic. He also puts up with all of my crazy food experiments and healthy living quests - he is a VERY patient man.

- After suffering from Postpartum Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after my first birth... I was quite literally forced to do what I've been talking about for years... slow down and take really good care of myself.  That's why I've been on sabbatical since January 2009... I've been releasing anything that doesn't "have to" get done, so that I can focus on slowing down.

- Since becoming a mom, I realize what a HUGE impact your child's birth has on you, as a mom and as a woman.  I joined a Postpartum Depression Task Force on the North Shore of Boston to try and provide resources for moms who are struggling with the first years of motherhood (and yes, that's almost all of us!).

- I've also started a local chapter of the Holistic Moms Network, as a way to try and meet new moms in the area.  We've now got 50+ members, and have amazingly fun meetings each month!

- I grew up in California (where most of my family lives) but came to the East Coast for school and have been on this side of the Mississippi ever since.

- My personal fitness routine consists of running, weight lifting, yoga, walking, hiking, running, mountain biking, football, dance, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and roller blading. I love anything that doesn't feel like "exercise."

- I took up running when I was in my 20s and have since completed 3 marathons, several 13+ mile races, and 2 triathlons. I'm known for falling flat on my face at least once during every training season! Running helped me get back into shape after Ev was born.

- Since moving to Boston in 1997, I have converted to Red Sox Nation and the Patriots fan club (I grew up a 49ers fan).

- I love to read - when I was little, my parents used to "ground me" from reading when I was in trouble. I tortured the librarians by trying to check out 30 books at a time.

- After college, I used to play keyboards in a Boston-based band that was named after my unusually large left "Big Toe."

- I compose my own piano music (which has been compared to George Winston). I started playing piano at weddings and church ceremonies in 8th grade.

- I used to look 10 years younger than I really am (I'm not sure if this still applies anymore... but I'm going with it!).

- I spent the summer of 2004 in Pune, India with 18 other health counselors. We were participating in an enlightenment program. Am I enlightened, you ask? Well, if I am, than enlightenment is quite different than what I expected!

- I love dancing like a fool (especially to 80s music).

- I won a full academic scholarship to Villanova University and received a 3.98 GPA in my double major/minor (yes, I admit to being a major nerd).

- I am not a vegetarian (my weakness for homemade meatballs makes this impossible).

- My food loves include nut butter (creamy, not crunchy, and straight from the jar), roasted sweet potatoes, and dark-chocolate.

- Even though I'm proud to be an introvert, I love speaking in front of groups of people - the larger the better - and I never use notes or cue cards.

- I love to organize, plan and clean things - I'm a master list-maker! For me, the best part of any project is the planning and preparation!


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