There are a lot of practitioners who could support you and your health (doctors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc.).  There are also a lot of speakers to pick from when you're planning an event.

Why choose Christi?

I'd like to share with you the philosophy that I've used to build my health counseling practice. If the following statements ring true for you or your audience, then we could be a great match.


My Health-Counseling Philosophy

1. My clients are brilliant. I greatly respect your intelligence and intuition.

2. Primary Food - your career, relationships, fitness, and spirituality - impacts your health as much as (if not more than) than the food you put in your mouth.

3. No food is "good" or "bad." You won't go to heaven if you eat carrots and kale all your life... nor will you be banished to hell if you indulge in beer, chocolate, or ice cream!

4. The food you eat has a powerful effect on your health, energy, thoughts, and mood.

5. When given the chance, your body will identify the food that works best for you.

6. The way of eating that works for you today may not work for you six months or six years down the road. It's important to change your diet as often as necessary... to match your body, lifestyle, and taste buds.

7. Diets are emotionally exhausting. They wreak havoc on your body and self-esteem. We're much happier (and skinnier!) when we're off the diet roller coaster!

8. Daily nourishment is critical for good health. This means unleashing the Goddess inside of you and doing things that are pleasurable, fun, luxurious, loving, and delicious. Living a juicy life is mandatory!

9. YOU are the one who makes things happen! I will encourage you, teach you, challenge you, and love you up! But I can't make you healthy. You are the only one who can do that. When you're ready to work with someone like me, you'll know the time is right.

10. Your eating habits have been with you since childhood, so don't expect to change them overnight. Be patient - changing the way you eat is like learning how to play an instrument, drive a car, or play a new sport.

I recently wrote a Personal Manifesto that outlines my thoughts and opinions on health (particular the health of the women in our country). I encourage you to read it and let me know what you think.

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