Erin came to me with a tough proposition. How could she eat healthy even though she was never home? She got up at 5:00 in the morning and went straight to the gym. Home for a quick cup of coffee, then to work all day and grad school at night. In between, she was taking care of two children! She was addicted to coffee in the morning, ice cream at night, and cooked whatever was fast and cheap. She had a health scare earlier in the year, and wanted to make some drastic changes.

What We Did Together
Since Erin lives on the West Coast and I live in Boston, we conducted her Ultimate Wellness Program by phone. Erin needed 'on-the-go' options, so we did a breakfast experiment to come up with a breakfast to find the meals that would work best for her in the morning.

We also came up with lunch, dinner, and snack options that she could take on the road with her, instead of relying on takeout food. These snacks were designed to give her maximum energy and prevent her usual 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. energy crashes. Erin phased out coffee and start drinking tea instead - she found that she enjoyed this new ritual very much. She even started sneaking healthy foods into her kids' meals, and was surprised to see they liked the new foods.


The End Result
Erin was pleasantly surprised to see her grocery store bills decrease as she replaced processed foods with 'live' foods! She lost weight and learned how to use food to control her moods so she could get through her busy days. By the end of the program, she felt "fit as a fiddle!"


Erin's Testimonial
"All I can say is, 'Wow!' Christi's mentoring and advice has had a positive impact on my life. Now I have healthy options where I had none. Christi's creative application of a holistic approach to my specific needs continues to improve my life each day. Now my kids are benefiting also. I am healthier, happier, and having fun with the changes Christi helped me make in my life. Thanks a million, Christi. You really saved me!"Erin L., Client

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