"How to Eat

to Survive Motherhood"


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This call is all about food.

We're determined to help you

get healthy foods in your bodies,

and we have some creative ideas

on how to help you make it happen.

Having all survived at least one year of motherhood,

Amara, Christi, and Pam

address the reasons

why "healthy eating" is so challenging

with small children in tow.


Things covered on this teleclass include

(but not limited to):

Healthy high protein snacks

Foods on the run

Foods that can be prepared and eaten

with one hand

(while holding your baby in the other arm!)

Foods that will rebuild your body and increase your energy after birth



While this recording is geared towards new moms

(and yes, if you're wondering whether you're still a new mom, then you're still a new mom in our book!),

it will be helpful forwomen at every stage

in their motherhood journey.

So, whether you're trying to conceive,

currently pregnant, or raising kids right now...

you're welcome to download this recording.

As new moms, so much of our focus

is on nourishing our children. 

But we want to show you

simple, easy ways

to get yourself back on the page

and nourish yourself, too!



A teleclass is just like having a fun, interactive call with a wonderful group of moms.  Pam, Christi, and Amara are your facilitators, and guide the conversation.

The beauty of a teleclass is that you can listen to the recording while laying on the couch in your pj's, while you're at your computer, or you can download the .mp3 file onto your iPod.





Amara Wagner:

Giving birth to my son Sam was the most empowering, liberating and exciting experience of my life. I was blessed with a birth experience that was exactly what I had hoped it to be. I had an incredibly supportive group of people to help me through the process including my midwife, husband, and doula/sister. Because I was encouraged to trust the process I came away from my childbirth experience with a tremendous respect for my body and an incredible sense of strength. Although the early days of motherhood were still very difficult and emotional I believe that my birth experience helped me through the initial emotional roller coaster that is motherhood. I realize that my experience is rare nowadays but I would like to do everything I can to help women have a positive birth experience and also help ease them through the transitions of motherhood.


Christi Collins:

The birth of my son was the complete opposite of what I'd hoped it would be. Although I'd educated myself and planned for a homebirth, the final experience turned out to be traumatic, violating, and disempowering... and as a result, I suffered from intense Postpartum Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for more than a year after Evan's birth.  While I had a few support people who served as my lifelines, I was shocked to discover that most people (even close friends and family) didn't know how to support me during this time.  Most people told me I should be grateful to have a healthy baby, and they didn't want to hear about the intense physical and emotional pain that I was experiencing. I found it extremely difficult to ask for help, and I felt compelled to pretend like I was "fine" and life was "normal." It took me more than a year of hard work, determination, nutritional support, and lots of "talking it out" to get myself back... and I never want another new mom to feel like she has to struggle through those early months of motherhood alone. I believe we ALL need support, no matter what our birth stories may be.

** I'm particularly excited for this nutrition teleclass, because I was really challenged by healthy eating for the first few months of motherhood.  Now, I feel like I've got my groove back, but read here to understand the challenges I faced at the beginning.



Pamela Rich:

As a single Mom to my daughter, Jillian, I am a firm believer that it takes a village to not only raise a child, but to raise a Mom!  My mothering journey has shown me the value of support from others and how important it is to focus on being the best me possible so I can be there - emotionally & physically - for my child.  I see the impact that the subtle messages of how I treated myself have translated into how my now 18 year old daughter views herself and the importance of nutrition, self-care, time management and living a well-rounded life.  We truly do teach by example.  I am honored to be sharing what I've learned with you and to guide and support you through this magical gift of Motherhood.

**A note from Amara, Christi, and Pam: while we certainly don't claim to provide the complete instruction manual to Motherhood, we can offer support and good solid information in the areas of motherhood that can be most stressful: childbirth choices, pregnancy, post-partum support, breastfeeding, nutrition, time management for Moms, organizing ideas, getting back to you, sex, lifestyle adjustments and holistic baby care.


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