How To Avoid Overwhelm

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by your overflowing inbox? Do you feel like you never get anything done, because you're constantly being interrupted? Do you feel scattered while you work? Do you get sucked into the email/internet abyss all day?

If so, don't worry - there is hope for you!

Here are simple ways to avoid feeling overwhelmed during the workday:

1. Don't turn computer on when you get home. If you work from home, turn your computer off for good before you go make dinner. Set a 'no computer' time and stick to it - there will ALWAYS be more work to do, but you only have one opportunity for a good night's sleep

2. Create a relaxing morning routine. Eat breakfast, stretch,or journal before you even turn the computer on (of course, this requires you to turn the computer off before going to bed at night!).

3. Turn your email program off when you work on important projects. This will make sure you're not interrupted by the tempting "You have mail!" announcement.

4. Take some work projects to Starbucks or a local tea shop so you're with other people, instead of interacting with a screen all the time. This social interaction will energize you.

5. Turn off the TV, radio, phone, and computer on Sundays (or even all weekend, if you dare!). This media freeze will give you time to focus on yourself and have some much-needed fun. Youll return to work on Monday feeling energized and ready to conquer the world!

6. Turn your cell phone off during day. Return calls at night instead, or just once during the day.

7. Unless it's a call you really want - and need -to take, let voice mail pick it up. Do all of your calls during one reserved time during the day. This will be much more efficient... and return phone calls usually go faster than incoming calls (you have a chance to gather your thoughts beforehand).

8. When walking, don't use your cell phone.  Concentrate on one thing. You and your health.

9. Set a timer for web or email time - stop surfing when the time is up. Otherwise, you may get sucked into the internet abyss, never to return.

10. Check email only 3 times a day and deal with all emails right then and there.  While this might sound ludicrous at first, you'll be amazed at how much more productive you are.  Don't worry... people will get used to not hearing from you immediately.

11. Cancel subscriptions you don't read, unsubscribe from emails you don't read.  Eliminate all those extra distractions.

12. Call someone instead of emailing. They will be amazed to hear from you, and it may be much faster in the long run.

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