July 2005 Issue

FOOD FUN FACT: Fall in Love with Grocery Shopping!
CHRISTI'S COMMENTARY: An Easy Way to Make Life Amazing

RECIPE OF THE MONTH: Christi's Coconut Smoothie

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This month, I want to share another part of a summer chapter of my upcoming book with you (I'm only 4 chapters away from finishing my rough draft!)

I'm sharing this chapter with you because it outlines one of the easiest, fastest ways  to boost your health.  It has nothing to do with food, and everything to do with Primary Food.  Remember, Primary Food refers to those things that feed our soul.

The one simple activity outlined below may have more of a positive influence on your health than a home-cooked meal of tofu and broccoli.  And yes, you can eat chocolate while you're doing the activity, if you wish!


Building Your Gratitude Muscle

The universe is waiting eagerly to send luck in your direction. The big question is… will it be good luck or bad luck? Actually, YOU are the one who determines the kind of luck that comes your way. Keep reading, and you'll find out why your luck is not as random as it may seem.

Your intentions, energy, and thoughts are your direct communication with the universe. If your intentions, energy, and thoughts are positive and affirming… you will receive positive and affirming experiences in return. If your intentions, energy, and thoughts are negative and draining… you will probably find yourself feeling negative and drained most of the time.

This connection with the universe became crystal clear to me once I started supporting women in my private health counseling practice.

The very first thing I ask a client during her session is, “Tell me something new and good that’s happened since we last talked!” I ask this because I want her to start the session off by reveling in her glory, celebrating something amazing, and focusing on how great her life really is.

Some of my clients love this question. New & Goods tumble out of their mouths with excitement and pride.

An example of a client New & Good might be, “Last night I went out with friends. We had an amazing time and we ate tons of great food (the chocolate cake was especially amazing!). I talked about things that I haven’t been able to share with them before. It was an amazing night, and I put myself first for once. I got home late, but last night was just what I needed.”

Other clients have a hard time coming up with anything New & Good  to share.

After trying to get out of answering the question, these clients may say something like, “Well, I hung out with my friends last night… which was fun… but I was totally bad… I ate terrible things for dinner… like chocolate cake, which I'm not supposed to have... and I didn’t get a chance to get to the gym… and I got home late so I didn’t get a chance to do the dishes, so I’m totally behind, and I didn’t sleep well because I didn’t finish my to-do list because of dinner. I’m not doing well at all.”

Do you notice the difference in the two responses?

Each client had a similar night out with friends… but one woman lusciously revels in her experience while the other beats herself up for what she didn’t accomplish because of the social occasion.

My clients who get used to looking for New & Goods in their lives are usually the ones who experience the most dramatic, positive changes in their health. They’re excited and willing to try any kind of experiment to improve their work situation or their relationships. They take responsibility for their lives and as a result, their weeks are full of amazing days.

They’re “glass half-full” kind of women.

Now, I’m not saying that it's easy to be a "glass-half-full" kind of gal.  I was actually born a "glass-half-EMPTY" kind of woman myself. I always used to look at the negative side of things. I was an expert at expecting the worst.

However, I find that most women (and yes, I'm including myself in this equation) spend much of our lives focusing on what we haven’t accomplished… haven’t done for ourselves… didn’t do for our families… didn’t buy… didn’t experience…can’t do. We tend to forget (or gloss over) all the things we actually have to appreciate. And we have a lot to appreciate.

What I’ve noticed over the years is that my clients and I have much better luck – and much more fun – if we intentionally mold ourselves into “glass-half-full” kind of women.

This month, I enthusiastically invite you to practice being a glass-half-full kind of person. Don’t worry – it’s quite easy, once you get the hang out it!

The best way to do this is to keep a gratitude journal.

Simply cultivating an attitude of gratitude will make you feel more content, more optimistic, less stressed, and yes… even healthier!  This month, let’s focus on what’s going right instead of what’s going wrong!

How to Keep a Gratitude Journal
1. Find a place to write your thoughts down. This could be a post-it note, or it could be a beautiful leather journal. Don’t procrastinate because you don’t have the perfect journal… just start writing on any paper you’ve got around the house.

2. Simply record things you are grateful for that day. When you first start, this may be difficult, so you may want to aim to record just 3 things that you appreciate. As you practice building your gratitude muscle, you’ll find that it will be difficult to stop!

3. You can journal at night as a relaxing end to the day. You can journal in the morning as a reflective start to the day. You can journal at lunchtime as a good midday break. You can journal on the subway ride home as a great transition from work to home.

4. Whenever you’re feeling sad or lonely or unlucky, read back over your gratitude journal. It will boost your spirit immediately – guaranteed!

When I first started keeping a gratitude journal, I had trouble coming up with a daily list of 3-5 items.  But soon, I had more New & Goods than I knew what to do with!  Here's an real life example of one of my gratitude lists:

Christi’s Gratitude List from March 14, 2005
- Great morning cuddle session with Ben
- Ben’s friend Brady (who’s visiting from Texas) did all our dishes today and left the kitchen sparkling clean
- Booked a keynote speech at a wellness conference in May
- Reserved an invitation to a fun, free networking event
- We registered for some fun stuff at Macy’s – even found a comforter we agree on!
- My mom’s friend is really excited about throwing me a bridal shower
- We’re going skiing/snowboarding again next weekend, and staying at a great place
- My rash is almost gone on my finger
- Got to talk with my mom and grandparents today
- Worked in my jeans and comfortable red shirt
- Took time to make my own delicious lunch
- I’m not sore after 3 days of snowboarding!
- The most gorgeous light came through our living room around 5:30 tonight
- I wrote another chapter in my book and wrote ½ of my Spring Cleanse Guide
- My belly felt great today – no indigestion at all
- Met a darling friend for tea tonight to support each others’ businesses
- Got some great new homemade recipes from my friend
- Had tea in Harvard Square this evening – found a new summer spot!
- Watched a cool movie called “Baraka” – what images and sounds!
- Received my first 2 wedding gifts today – a mixer and beer steins!

When you put yourself on the lookout for the good and beautiful… the good and beautiful seems to everywhere! So don’t be surprised if your life suddenly starts looking a lot better than it did before!

A Few Other Options for Practicing Gratefulness:

1. Have a verbal gratitude session. If you prefer talking, you may want to do a ‘verbal’ gratitude session. At some point during the day, tell someone about all the great things that made up your day. Sometimes, my fiancé and I often do this while we’re falling asleep at night. That way, we get to hear all the great things that are happening in our lives while we’re apart during the day. And we get to hear how much we appreciate each other (Ben always gets prominent play time in my gratitude journal!).

2. Write a thank-you note. I’ve recently started writing a few thank you notes a day (yes, the good old-fashioned hand-written ones). I walk them down to the mailbox in the morning, and the simple act of dropping them in the mailbox makes my heart warm up! My morning mission makes me realize how lucky I am to be connected to so many great people.

3. Compliment another person. Find someone who really needs a boost. This could be a friend, a co-worker, or a complete stranger. Give her a big, bold, unabashedly glowing compliment. This will totally change your day… and hers!

4. Do a random act of kindness. Doing a surprise good deed for a stranger will bring you good luck all day. Some ideas: pay a toll for the car behind you, let someone go ahead of you in the grocery line, open the door for someone.

I want to hear from you!  Email me and let me know what you have to be grateful about today.  Or... let me know one thing you want to ask the universe for today.  If you put it out there in an email, it's much more likely to come true.

** If more than 100 readers email me in response to these questions, I will send all of you a special thank-you gift.  So pass the newsletter along and encourage your friends and colleagues to email me

Last month, I received 70+ responses to my "What Kind of Eater Are You?" survey.  Thanks to everyone who responded.  This month, I'd love to hear from 100 people. So, let's go nuts!





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Fall In Love With Grocery Shopping!


I used to hate grocery shopping. 

Then I set foot in Whole Foods Market, and my entire shopping experience changed!

These days, I love taking clients up and down the aisles during my health food store tours.

My goal is to help them overcome any food phobias, branch out beyond their 'traditional' food picks, and fall in love with all of the fun food options available each season.

Now, even if you don't live in the Boston area, you can take one of my health food store tours!

That's because my tour has been put on DVD.  I call it my "Healthy Shopper" DVD and it's been designed to change the way you shop... permanently!

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Check out my new DVD!

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In preparation for bathing suit season, I did a cleanse in April. 

I then wrote an e-book that outlines the cleansing process so that you, my reader, could try a cleanse of your own.

This is the perfect time of year to cleanse.  So, don't hesitate! 

This summer, try your own cleanse!  Why wait?  You deserve to feel good... today.

Here's an email I received last month from a reader who bought the Cleanse e-book:

"I'm glad I found you and your site. I read your spring cleanse book.  It is very simple and easy, which is wonderful as I have always been scared off by the "nothing but spring water" fasts and highly complicated prescriptions. The book is very motivating and inspiring." - M.B.



I asked one of my clients (who just finished a 6-month program with me) to give some feedback on her experience.  This is what she had to say:

"Honestly, I wish I had done something like this ten years ago. I think you are an amazing person. Your ability to make people feel like they have known you forever is truly amazing.

You immediately won my trust and made me feel like you were one of my best friends. You are clearly sincere, and it is so obvious that you love what you do, that it makes it much easier to open up and dump all of my problems on your lap.

I also appreciate the fact that you deal with all issues, not just the ones relating to food. I am definitely going to miss our conversations, and your warm calming effect on my brain.

I have seen an abundance of positive changes in myself over the past six months that I never would have anticipated when I began working with you.

Most importantly, I am learning to be good to myself and listen to my body. I have definitely had an improvement in my bowel functions, which has been a very big problem for me, for a long time.

Mentally, learning to be good to myself has had the biggest impact on how I feel."

Sue R., Individual Phone Client





Christi's Coconut Smoothie


It's been hot to quite hot in Boston the past few weeks, and I'm having trouble finding foods that I want to eat.  I'm only craving cool, juicy foods... like smoothies.

This month, I wanted to share one of my new smoothie concoctions with you.

This is a great mini-meal if you get home too late to have dinner... or if you need a fast, on-the-go breakfast option. 

The frozen fruit makes it thicker and gives it a "frostie" kind of texture.

I never measure my smoothie ingredients, so these are just my best guess.  You may want to adjust the amounts to suit your taste buds.


1/2 cup frozen mango
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 banana
1 T. grated coconut
2 T. walnuts
1 cup soy milk or orange juice
Drizzle of honey

Combine all ingredients in a blender and WHIRRRR until smooth!


Check out the other new summer recipes on my site!








Christi Lehner, H.H.C., AADP, is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. A Holistic Health Counselor is a nutritionist and life coach all rolled up into one.

Christi studied Eastern/Western nutrition and modern health counseling at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and earned a B.A. in Honors in Communication Arts from Villanova Universty.

Christi's goal is to help people fall in love with healthy eating, juicy living, and guilt-free self-care. Christi is a three-time marathoner and triathlete, an avid pianist, and a newly converted Red Sox and Patriots fan.

She is the author of the forthcoming book You Don't Have to be Superwoman to be Healthy: 52 Ways to Reclaim Your Health.

To read more fun facts and stories about Christi, click here.

Christi can be reached at christi@bostonhealthcoach.com or 617.492.6450.




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