March 2005 Issue


Designed to Boost Your Energy!


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I deleted the first draft of this newsletter because it totally, completely, 100% bored me to tears. 


You see, everyone's been asking me about energy lately.  So I decided to address energy in this month's issue.

My first draft of the newsletter included some really exciting, scintillating tips on how to get more energy.   Tips like:

Drink more water.  Eat whole foods.  Use peppermint essential oil.  Exercise.

Can we say BORING?!


Don't get me wrong... those ideas work just fine. In fact, if you regularly follow the four tips outlined above, you probably have energy to spare.

But I have to confess that I get bored by my own health advice sometimes.  So writing the first draft of this newsletter was quite painful.

The more bored I got, the more I left my computer to go play my piano. I'd play a song, which would give me enough energy to sit back at the computer and subject myself to the drudgery of the newsletter for another 15 minutes.

Then it hit me. My piano was the answer!  And I immediately wanted to share my discovery with you.

So... if you called my voice mail already (617.492.6450), you heard a short recording of one of my own piano songs.  If you haven't already called, go ahead and do so.  Take a deep breath and just listen to the music.

Instant energy boost, right?  Someday when I can figure out my digital recording device, I'll put a longer snippet on my website for you to listen to.

Until that day (which could be a long time coming, since I'm technologically inept)...

I want you to identify YOUR PIANO.  You know what I'm talking about.  That One Thing/Event/Person/Activity that instantly boosts your energy!

It could be playing golf.  It could be singing karaoke.  It could be playing with your new niece or nephew. It could be window shopping. It could be doing something a bit more physical (yes, go ahead and use your imagination on that one).

This month, I want you to do that One Thing as much as possible. 

Leave work a few minutes early if you have to in order to do that One Thing.  Be outrageous and unreasonable about that One Thing.  Don't let anything get in the way of you and your One Thing.  This One Thing is your #1 energy booster.

Then, at the end of the month, if you've been totally unreasonable and outrageous... and you've fit your One Thing in as much as possible... and you still don't have any energy... THEN you can give me a call and complain.

I have a feeling I'll hear lots of success stories and very few "I have no energy" complaints.

Remember to call 617.492.6450 to hear the mini concert.  I'll change the recording every few days this month, so call back as much as you like for a piano-based energy boost.



In an effort to save your energy, I won't list all of my events out here like I usually do.  Use your energy to call my voice mail instead and listen to the music.

If you really, really want to find out about all the cool, fun events I'm offering this month (or find out which companies have hired me to do cool things for their organizations) simply visit my events page.

Marvelous Ladies ... if you want maximum energy this spring... join us for Wild and Well... For Life! Group Program.  We start next Wednesday, March 9, so don't waste any time - visit this page for program details.






If you want to get maximum energy from your food, try chewing 200 times per bite. 


That one little step is guaranteed to send your energy levels through the roof.

See the "Christi's Commentary" section on the left for my special energy booster offer.




Christi Lehner, H.H.C., AADP, wants you to have so much energy today that she deleted her bio so you won't waste any energy reading it!

Those of you who have energy to spare can, of course, read about Christi on her website.

Christi can be reached by phone at 617.492.6450, by email, or via her website.




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