May 2005 Issue

FOOD FUN FACT: Foods That Reduce PMS Symptoms
CHRISTI'S COMMENTARY: Make Your Women Jump for Joy!
RECIPE OF THE MONTH: Creamy Chicken Salad Cups

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Every single person reading this newsletter knows a woman. If you're a woman... welcome. If you're a man who lives with, is married to, was born to, is dating, wants to date, or simply adores women... welcome!

May is women's month at BostonHealthCoach!

This issue includes great Mother's Day gift ideas...

And honest, frank insight into womanhood.

To celebrate being a woman, I took a stab at writing my Personal Manifesto (as I wrote it, I realized that it basically outlines the philosophy that my company is built on, too).

My manifesto is still in a rough draft stage, and usually I would hide it until it was completely finished.  But, since I'm a perfectionist who is trying to learn the art of non-perfection, I'm going to share it with you now instead of waiting until it's finished (who knows if that day will ever come?)


Here are the first few lines from my Personal Manifesto. Right now, I call it "From a Woman, For Other Women: A Health Journey":

Somewhere in the middle of the subways, cell phones, and palm pilots... we’ve lost our relationship to Nature, the Earth, and our Wise Womanly Intuition.

Somewhere between "9-5," "shop 'til you drop," and "the Superwoman mentality"... we’ve lost our capacity to slow down, recharge our batteries, and ask for help (without feeling guilty).

Somewhere amongst the anorexia, fake breasts, and flat tummy quest... we've lost our intimate pride in our bodies, our curves, and our gut instinct.

Somewhere between the birth control pills, Advil, and Pepto Bismol... we've lost our ability to listen to our bodies, respect our vaginas, and take really, really good care of ourselves.

Somewhere amidst the diets, rules, and restrictions... we’ve lost our connection to the deliciousness, pleasure, and sensuality of eating.

To read the entire Personal Manifesto, click here. But first, why don't you open this newsletter up in another window so you can return to it after you read the manifesto? You don't want to miss out on the great Mother's Day gift tips below!


Mother's Day is coming up on May 8 - that's this Sunday! I want to encourage every one of my fabulous readers to make an extra effort to "Make Your Women Jump for Joy" this Mother's Day.

Why not do things a bit differently this year? Why not celebrate EVERY WOMAN who's special to you? Not just the women who gave birth to you... but the future moms, too? Don't make them wait until they're moms to get some love!

If you're a woman, why not celebrate yourself? After all, you deserve it.  Oh, yes, you do! See below for some great ideas of ways to nourish, pamper, and nurture yourself to the max.

If you struggle with gift-giving each Mother's Day, help is on the way. I've put together a list of fabulous gifts that women of all ages and interests will love. Bookmark this list (you can use it when Valentine's Day and Christmas roll around).

For the Woman Who Loves To Read:

1. I highly recommend any book by Dr. Christiane Northup, a doctor who combines traditional medicine, a holistic approach, with "real," gentle womanly wisdom.  The Northrup book that I would never part is called Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom (I consider this book to be my woman's Bible). My latest favorite from Dr. Northrup? Mother-Daughter Wisdom.

2. Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts by Regena Thomashauer. All of my clients buy 10 copies of this book for their girlfriends - it's insanely addictive and seductive. It's all about being a delicious diva, glorious goddess, and generally amazing woman! You can't help but giggle and feel sexy and confident after reading this book.

3. The Unmistakable Touch of Grace and/or Take Time for Your Life by Cheryl Richardson. Both of these books are designed to help women put themselves first and shape their lives.

4. Any book by Sark (you'll recognize her books by the colorful covers and handwritten interiors). My favorites are: Eat Mangoes Naked: Finding Pleasure Everywhere (And Dancing With the Pits), as well as The Bodacious Book of Succulence: Daring to Live Your Succulent Wild Life

5. If you want your woman to think of you once a month for the next year, how about giving her a subsciption to a fun magazine? Some of my favorites are: Organic Style, Natural Health, Real Simple, and O (the Oprah Magazine).

6. I love Victoria Moran. My favorite Moran books are: Lit from Within: Tending Your Soul for Lifelong Beauty and Creating a Charmed Life: Sensible, Spiritual Secrets Every Busy Woman Should Know. Absolutely delightful!

For the Woman Who Wants to Learn How To De-stress:

1. Flowers delivered to her home or office (they can be gerber daisies, tulips, roses... any kind of flower will do!).

2. Meditation CDs (I love George Winston's piano CDs, particularly his "December" recording).

3. Affirmation cards from Hay House Publishing (Louise Hay's Power Thought Cards are oh-so-wonderful).

4. A really gorgeous journal (leather, perhaps?) instead of those spiral bound notebooks she's been using since grammar school. Go ahead and splurge - she deserves it!

5. My assistant, Debbie, says that anything from is a bonafide treat.

6. The teas from are absolutely out-of-this-world! They're gorgeously packaged, and they taste incredible.

7. A gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure, massage, facial, or body treatment is always a sure-fire hit.

8. Incense, candles, or a beautiful fountain - anything that will make her house smell or sound beautiful.

9. A pair of esssential oils from Young Living (I recommend lavendar oil for relaxation and peppermint oil for energy).


For the Woman Who Loves to Move Her Body:

1.A brightly colored spring jacket from REI or EMS would be a great addition to her workout gear.

2. How about a new kind of athletic experience, like a belly dancing class or a surfing lesson?

3. A new yoga mat or yoga outfit is a great gift for a yogi - see Gaiam for great ideas.

4. One or two sessions with a personal trainer at her gym would be a treat!

If the woman in your life is very health-conscious, she may enjoy my new e-book on Spring Cleansing. Or perhaps a one-hour private health consultation would be perfect.

Do you have a great Mother's Day gift idea that you'd like to share with my readers? If so, please, email me.




Corporate Wellness Education


If you're looking for a speaker for your next event, look no further. My seminars are extremely informative, entertaining, and interactive. After a company books me once, they ask me back again and again. That's because I personalize all of the events and fill them with takeaways. My seminars are motivational, but they're also practical and useful.

For more info:

To see where I'm speaking this month, visit my events page.


Free Teleclasses

The last two teleclasses have been overbooked, so please sign up well in advance to reserve your spot. Teleclasses are scheduled from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. EST.


May 18 - "What Your Mother Never Told You About Your Period"

I invite all women to participate in this teleclass (moms, you'll want to share this information with your daughters). We're going to celebrate all the amazing aspects of our periods. Wait... you don't think your period is amazing? Then you should definitely attend this call!

Here are some of the potential topics we'll cover:

- What are 'normal' periods anyway?

- What are your PMS symptoms trying to tell you?

- How can you alleviate your PMS symptoms?

- What does it mean if your periods are irregular?

- Are you missing out on your most intuitive time of the month?

- Should you coordinate your social calendar with your menstrual cycle?


To sign up, visit:



Online Nutrition Program for Marathon Runners

Are you a marathon runner who is confused about what to eat during your training season? The "Peak Performance Nutrition Program" is an online program that teaches you the dietary changes you need to make during your 18-week training season. If you're running Dublin, Nike, or any other fall marathon, then your Peak Performance Nutrition Program starts in May, so don't wait to get started. You won't want to miss an episode.

For details (and to read a sample issue), visit:






Foods That Reduce PMS Symptoms

If you get moody, crampy, bloated, headaches, or any other symptom before your period begins, don't despair. There are several dietary changes that you can make to reduce your PMS symptoms.


Some of the most basic dietary changes are:

1. Avoid the following foods all month long (not just before your period begins): dairy, trans fats, caffeine, sugar, and refined, processed 'white' foods like white flour, cookies, candy, etc.

All of the foods listed above contribute to PMS symptoms. My clients find that dairy, sugar, and caffeine are the three foods that increase their PMS sympoms the most dramatically.

2. Make sure to eat foods with essential fatty acids like salmon, olive oil, sesame oil, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts.

Order salmon when you go out to a restaurant, sprinkle walnuts on your cereal in the morning, put ground flaxseeds in your fruit smoothies, and use olive oil in your stir fries.

3. Replace some of your animal protein (meat, chicken, eggs, etc.) with plant protein (tofu, beans, nuts). Eat as many fruits, veggies, and whole grains as possible!

Vegetarians with a low-fat, high fiber diet are known to excrete 2-3 more times estrogen in their feces than nonvegetarians.  As a result, they have a decreased incidence of PMS.

These are just three of the food-based ways you can reduce your PMS symptoms. 

You may have started shaking your head after reading #1, because the very foods I'm asking you not to eat are the very foods you crave the most during your period (sugar, cheese, chocolate, etc.).

Never fear! There's a good reason for your cravings, and a good solution, too. We'll cover this in my next teleclass.

These three suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other dietary and lifestyle changes you can use to make your period a more comfortable time.

If you suffer from any kind of PMS symptoms (or if you just wish your period would disappear each month) then I really encourage you to make time in your calendar for my next free monthly teleclass.

In this call, I'm going to explain other powerful ways to reduce your PMS symptoms quickly. I'm also going to teach you things about your period that will help you really, truly look forward to it each month.

To find out more about the teleclass, click here.




In my April newsletter, I shared the story of my 2005 Spring Cleanse experience with Ben, my fiance.

A lot of readers bought my e-book and decided to do spring cleanses of their own.

Here is one email I received from Jessica Albon:

"I almost didn't order your book because I thought it would be too much fluff and I wouldn't have time to read and apply it.

I'm so, so glad I overcame my hesitation. Your book is
conversational and easy to read. I was able to go through it in one sitting.  By the end, I had a complete plan for my own personal cleanse.

I decided to do Cleanse #8 and you were right -- the cooking's never been easier.
In under an hour, I'd prepared all my meals for the next two days! I already had everything I needed right in my own pantry (and as a single gal, let's just say my pantry's not especially well stocked :)

Before my cleanse, I wasn't feeling at all ready for spring -- I was sluggish and felt better prepared for a long winter hibernation! But now I definitely have that lighter feeling. - Jessica Albon,

If you'd like to read actual cleanse stories from readers who did a cleanse this month, please click here.



RECIPE - Creamy Chicken Salad Cups

Ben and I made this recipe last week when we were in the mood for something really, really creamy. It did the trick!

To make this delicious snack portable (to take on a spring picnic or hike) simply replace the Boston Bibb lettuce with whole grain bread and turn it into a sandwich.

1 cup cooked skinless chicken breast
1/3 cup celery, chopped fine
4 tablespoons of mayonnaise* (see below for healthy alternatives)
1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1/2 tablespoon honey
Salt and black pepper, to taste
1/2 apple, cubed
Handful of grapes, cut in half

Boston Bibb lettuce cups

Cooking Instructions:
Mix all ingredients together. Serve cold on top of Boston Bibb lettuce.

* Instead of buying mayo these days, I buy Nayonaise (found near the mayo) or Vegenaise (found in the tofu section). They're made from healthier oils.  You can find both of these products at your health food store.



* See my Recipe Page for more fast and easy recipes.






Christi Lehner, H.H.C., AADP, is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. A Holistic Health Counselor is a nutritionist and life coach all rolled up into one.

Christi studied Eastern/Western nutrition and modern health counseling at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and earned a B.A. in Honors in Communication Arts from Villanova Universty.

Christi's goal is to help people fall in love with healthy eating, juicy living, and guilt-free self-care. Christi is a three-time marathoner and triathlete, an avid pianist, and a newly converted Red Sox and Patriots fan.

She is the author of the forthcoming book From Women, For Women: 52 Ways to Reclaim Your Health.

To read more fun facts and stories about Christi, click here.

Christi can be reached at or 617.492.6450.




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