Right now, I am focusing on offering essential oil education and training to those who want to get toxins OUT of their homes and medicine cabinets.  But I'm leaving up my older programs, as many people have found them extremely helpful.  Feel free to browse around :)



The teleclasses are for those nights when you want to sit in your pj's, sit on a glass of wine, and learn some cool shit... we offer monthly teleclasses on how essential oils can get rid of your pimples, stop your hubby from snoring, and help you say good-bye to that awful 'vinegar clean smell' you've put up with for so long in the hopes of finding a non-toxic cleaner for your home. Check the calls out!  We record all of them, so you can listen whenever is convenient for you (because it really is all about YOU).



Health Coaching
Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Want to know what you can do about it? Email me, we'll set up a time to talk! Please, don't settle for feeling miserable.  Life is too dang short for that nonsense!


Business Coaching

Are you a health practitioner who's tired of working your butt off for long hours, only to still be pinching pennies and wondering when you're going to hit it big?  There's a better way, and I can show you how.  It's called "cash flow" and I know how to help you get it :) 

If you're ready to join a successful team - and not go at it on your own anymore - just email me.  We'll find a time to connect so I can hear YOUR story and learn how I can help.


Healthy Products
These products are designed for busy, health-conscious people.








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