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Previously Recorded Teleclasses:

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Information on Teleclasses

A teleclass is simply a seminar that's delivered over a phone conference call line. Between 20 and 200 people call into my teleclasses each month.  It’s like being at a lecture with lots of other people… but all of the other people are all on their phones, too! 

I’ve conducted more than 100 teleclasses for companies like Deloitte, Hewlett-Packard, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society... and my own clients.

Once you sign up for a teleclass, I’ll email you the phone number that we’ll be using.  I rent a bridge line which is a conference call line that allows many people to call in at the same time without using an operator. 

At the predetermined class time, you simply pick up your phone and dial in to that number.  You can call into my teleclasses from your office or home (or even if you’re on the road!).  Even if you have to call in a few minutes late, that’s OK.  I'll give you instructions on how to mute your phone, in case you’ll be in a loud space or have kids running around in the background.

You don’t have to be computer literate to participate in a teleclass.  Teleclasses are conducted over the phone… not via the computer or internet.  You also do not need to have any special software or phone service.  The number you’ll call will be a U.S. phone number, so you will most likely receive a domestic long distance charge for the call.  If you're like me and have unlimited domestic calls each month, you won't receive any charges at all.

Each teleclass focuses on a specific topic.  I cover a specific curriculum, just like any speaker does. During the call, participants can ask questions and get individual coaching from me.  You can simply listen in to the class... or you can participate and ask questions. At the end of the call, there’s time for Q&A. 

I record the teleclass, and you’ll receive a copy of the recording afterwards so that you can listen to it again, if you’d like.  It's yours to keep forever.

If you've never tried a teleclass before, it's a fun and convenient way to learn about a new topic. Plus, you’ll get to hear questions that other people ask, and get a chance to talk one-on-one with me, if you’d like.


"Your enthusiasm is contagious and that's so important in energizing people and getting them excited to try new things! The teleclasses create a sense of "community" which so many long for, since so many of us work in the virtual offices where we are "isolated" in buildings full of people that we have no business contact with anymore. I really look forward to the calls, as there is a sense of purpose, possibility and being part of a group with similar interests, hopes and goals!!" - Marianne M. from HP

"You're a very good teleclass leader. I enjoyed it a lot. I like the way you wove your teaching into the discussion. Masterful."  - Cheryl M., Manager of 45,000 person State Wellness Program

"Thank you so much for yesterday's teleclass, Christi. It was incredibly helpful for me, and I'm really looking forward to attending the one in April! The whole presentation was fascinating. What was especially helpful were the questions I can ask myself when my energy drops. Your talk planted a bunch of seeds for me. I realize that I need to be more proactive about managing my energy level. I am going to be more conscientious about getting enough sleep. I'm going to do your magical head massage! You gave me insight into why my bedroom is not a restful place for me. I'm going to make time this weekend to reclaim it for myself and make it a refuge instead of a landfill." Kristin R. from HP

"You handled the audience adroitly and many people seemed comfortable asking questions. The call was very helpful. I'm looking forward to trying out some of the suggestions." - Chuck B., Canon



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