Business Coaching

I provide business coaching to health practitioners who want to quickly and successfully build their businesses... without having to recreate the wheel.

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Personal Health Consultations

Aren't you the most important person in your life? Honor yourself by making your health a priority and scheduling a 60-minute consultation.

- One full hour of undivided attention and personalized support
- Consult is done by phone, so you can call from the comfort of your home
- Comprehensive health history and dietary/self-care analysis
- No waiting - sessions start and end on time!

- Experience being truly listened to and supported
- Ask questions you might not ask your doctor
- Receive suggestions to help you improve your health today
- Establish a personal connection and see if you would like to work with Christi in a longer-term program
- Identify an approach that works for you and your budget

Personal health consultation rates range from $75-125.

To purchase a consultation, please email me so that we can set up a session that works perfectly for you.

**Once you purchase your consultation, you'll receive an email explaining how to reserve time on my calendar... as well as a health history form to fill out and email to me before our session. 

If you have any questions, please email me and I will answer them!



The Ultimate Wellness Program
This individual health-counseling program is one of the longer-term support options I offer my clients.  This program is guaranteed to transform the way you eat and live! 

After your consultation, we'll decide how long the program should be to provide maximum support for your health goals.  Most clients start with 3-6 month programs.

- Two 50-minute appointments monthly (in-person and by phone)
- Copy of my "Healthy Shopper" DVD
- A collection of fast, delicious recipes (sent by email)
- Unlimited cyber-coaching by email in between sessions!
- Recommendations for books, websites, and food suppliers
- A supply of supportive articles and handouts

- Surprise gifts sent by mail to help you eat better and pamper yourself
- Fitness and meditation coaching
- Free admission for you and a guest to all of my teleclasses/seminars

- Internet resources for food and materials ordering

- Lifetime access to all of my client mailings and newsletters

- Free access to any of my e-books like "The Ultimate Spring Cleanse Guide" and "Your Winter Survival Guide"

- Free access to all of my teleclass notes and transcripts like "Your Holiday Survival Guide"

- Transition from Standard American Diet to whole foods diet
- Get off the diet roller coaster... for good
- Identify the foods and meals that suit your body best
- Experience sending your energy levels through the roof

- Heal IBS, PMS, sugar cravings, and low blood sugar
- Fit healthy eating and cooking into your busy schedule

- Delight in de-junking your pantry, freezer, and fridge
- Learn how food dramatically impacts your mood
- Deliberately deconstruct and get rid of your food cravings
- Discover a fitness routine you can be passionate about

- Focus on fun ways to nourish and pamper yourself


"I have lost weight near the end and my energy level has skyrocketed. The biggest benefit of this program was an absolutely new view of food and how it affects my body." - Carla G., Phone Client

"I have seen an abundance of positive changes in myself over the past six months, that I never would have anticipated when I began working with you. Most importantly, I am learning to be good to myself and listen to my body. I am much more conscious of what I eat and how I eat, and have learned to prepare some delicious and healthy meals. Honestly, I wish I had done something like this ten years ago." - Sue R., Client

"This program was most certainly worth the money I spent. I learned a lot about myself, both my mind and body. I learned to accept how my body/mind operate and how to deal with them, opposed to try to change them!" - Ana B., Client

"I am much more conscious of everything - everything that I eat, every movement choice. For me it's all been about education - learning the impact of my behavior on my body and how even subtle changes can make a difference." - Jodi I., Client

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$295 per month (for new clients)

$250 per month (for returning clients - welcome back!)


The first step is to schedule a consultation with me so we can get to know each other better and see if we're a good match. At the end of your consultation, we'll decide together which kind of Ultimate Wellness Program is right for you.  To set up your consultation, please email me today.


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