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The smartest companies know that they save money (and retain good people) if they provide wellness support for their employees.  These days, it's not enough to provide blood pressure readings at quarterly health fairs.  When it comes to health, employees expect their companies to support them in a comprehensive fashion... offering nutrition information, stress reduction workshops, and fitness opportunities.

An easy way for companies to support their employees' health is to bring wellness experts in to lead lunch 'n' learns or online webinars/teleclasses for their employees.

But... audiences want new information, not the same old messages they've been hearing for years.  They want someone who can help them make sense of all the contradictory nutrition and health info out there.  Most of all, they want to hear from someone who will truly inspire them to make the changes that will help them live healthier lives.

Companies who book me for their wellness seminars are pleasantly surprised to hear all of the raving reviews that circulate around the room (not only during the talk, but afterwards as well).  I have been told that people are still talking about my seminars months after the event is over.



Teleclasses are a great option if you have a remote workforce (like traveling consultants) or people who simply work long hours and can't take time out to attend a live seminar.  They can call into one of my teleclasses from anywhere, any time zone... as long as they have a phone.


Over the past 5 years, I have lead more than 100 nutrition and wellness teleclasses for large corporations.  After the live teleclass is complete, the companies license the recording, and make it available on their intranet for employees to listen to at their convenience. 

The recordings are often downloaded more than 700 times each week by employees.  Would you like to spark that kind of interest from your employees?  If so, send me an email and we'll craft a customized teleclass for your employees.



Before becoming a health coach, I worked at Accenture as a SAP configurer.  I also worked at Linkage, Inc. where I designed, marketed, and coordinated all on-site details for the Global Institute for Leadership Development.  I then worked as a trainer for The Balanced Scorecard Collaborative... which finally led me to my career as a health coach.

All to say, I know the corporate world.  I traveled 5 days a week for two years while at Accenture, so I understand the demands put on consultants and traveling employees.  I have interacted with CEOs, high-level business gurus like Gary Hamel, Seth Godin, Peter Drucker, and Daniel Goleman.  At 22 years of age, I was the point person for a weeklong event, with a $500,000 speaker budget, drawing a 500+ person audience of the most high level emerging leaders in corporate America.

I might be a health coach now, but I have business and corporate America in my blood... so rest assured I will be able to create a strong connection with you and your employees.



I have facilitated live seminars and teleclasses for organizations such as:


Babson College

Boston Downtown Women's Club

Boston Women Communicators

Boston Women's Network

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Eaton Vance Management

El Camino Hospital

Healthworks Fitness Club



The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training

St. Francis High School

U.S. Postal Service

Waverly Oaks Athletic Club

Whole Foods Market

Wild Oats

No two seminars are the same, because I customize the content for each audience.  Please continue reading to see if any of the topics listed below would be of interest to your employees. 

Don't see a topic you like?  Feel free to contact me and we'll customize one for you.  I always do inhouse research before I write your seminar, so that your people know that it's been designed just for them.


- How to Master the Art of Guilt-Free Self-Care


- Eating For Success: Using Food To Improve Your Work Performance


- Health and Self-Nourishment for Executive Women


- Smart Nutrition For Busy Professionals Who Are On-The-Go


- How To Avoid the Winter Blues


- Manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) So It Doesn't Affect Your Work Performance


- The Most Powerful Natural Energy Boosters


- Spring Cleanse: A Fast, Easy Detox For Your Body and Spirit

- Your Fail-Proof Plan for Conquering your Strongest Sweet Cravings

- How to Survive the Holidays Without Gaining Weight or Going Crazy

- Stress Management Made Simple

- How to Put More "Life" Into Your Work-Life Balance

- Stop Emotional Eating... Today!



"The response I got from the attendees was unlike any I've gotten from any other speaker we have had. Everyone overwhelmingly enjoyed the seminar. Christi's seminars differ from traditional health seminars in that she gives tips that are alternatives to what most people have read or heard many times before. Christi really listened to what Eaton Vance is trying to accomplish with our wellness program and tailored her seminar to our culture. I look forward to working with her again!" - Kim Bedard, Benefits Manager, Eaton Vance Management

"Christi's seminar provided our employees with concrete information, realistic advice, and simple solutions that were geared toward the group. Her warm and friendly presentation... her excellent facilitation skills... her vast knowledge about healthy living made this a fun and interactive seminar. Christi was genuinely concerned about the attendees' needs and presented with such a passion that she motivated us to want to improve our health and eating habits in the first five minutes. She even went the extra mile to follow up with shopping lists, helpful advice and delicious recipes! We will definitely have Christi back at Babson!" Beth Schirick, Babson College Employee Development Coordinator

"We have been getting rave reviews about your talk. I think everyone would have stayed for another hour asking questions. You handled the audience very well, and everyone was very engaged in everything you said. The topic was also very interesting and different from a lot of our speakers, which was nice.  We would love to have you back at some point."
Emily Grimes, Board Member, Boston Women's Network

"Christi engaged the audience and got us talking to each other. We had fun! I loved the facilitative learning atmosphere - more interactive than a lecture." USPS Employee, Lecture Participant

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