All of the products listed on this page are ones that I've created or designed with clients like you in mind.  They contain helpful hints, tips, and techniques to help you stay healthy throughout the year.




Christi's Secret Holiday Strategies:

A Practical and Inspirational Program for Busy Women Who Refuse to Sacrifice their Weight, Health or Sanity During the Holidays


This best-selling program was born out of many discussions with clients who dreaded the holidays because of the weight gain, stress, and over-spending that insued.  I refuse to let my clients (or you) dread the holidays, so I came up with a program that will help you enjoy the holidays (and indulge!) without sacrificing your bodacious body, sanity, or bliss.


Electronic Books (eBooks)

eBooks are electronic books that are saved in .pdf format.  If you have a computer with access to the internet, you can read one of my eBooks.   If you have a printer, you can print the eBook out and read your own hard copy.


M.O.M.S. (Mom-on-Mom-Support) GUIDE: Eating to Survive

the First Years of Motherhood

This eBook was written by mothers of young children - for mothers of young children - who struggle to find time and energy to feed themselves healthy, nutritious foods. This eBook offers a step-by-step, simple plan to help new moms get healthy food into their bodies.  Included are lots of tips, recipes, and an action plan.  For more info, click here.



"Ultimate Spring Cleanse: A Fast, Easy Detox Program for Beginners"

This eBook is designed to help you create your own cleansing curriculum (especially if you're new to cleansing).  The cleanse programs described in this book are gentle, easy, and suitable for people of all health levels.  I wrote this eBook based on cleanses that I've done personally. For more information, click here.




"Your Winter Survival Guide: How to Protect Your Health and Sanity This Winter"

This eBook was designed to help you avoid the Winter Blues this year.  It includes valuable tips and tools to help you stay happy and healthy during those cold winter months.  This information has helped me and my clients actually look forward to winter each year! For more information, click here.


Online Programs

Peak Performance Nutrition Program
The Peak Performance Nutrition Program is a 13-week nutrition program for marathon runners who want to learn how to use food to improve their performance on race day, as well as during their training season. This online program is designed to educate runners about marathon nutrition and help them make steady, effective changes to their diet and personal wellness routine.


Teleclass Audio Recordings

If you've missed out on any of my teleclasses, you can listen to any of them by purchasing the audio recording.  Each teleclass recording comes with a complete set of notes and handouts.

For a complete list of teleclass recordings, click here.



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