JULIE'S STORY: A New Relationship With Food and Body

When Julie came to me, she felt sluggish, overweight, and depressed. She also experienced a lot of stress, food cravings, comfort eating, chronic back pain, ADD-type symptoms, and winter blues. Although she loved cooking, her two jobs left her with little time to cook for herself.

Julie wanted to lose some weight, but recognized that she had never lost weight in a healthy way before. Julie didn't want to revert back to her controlling eating disorder habits. She wanted to develop a healthy relationship with food, increase her energy, lose her 'all-or-nothing' mentality.

What We Did Together
I encouraged Julie to give herself permission to treat herself really well and take good care of herself. She started by treating herself to an accelerated four-month Ultimate Wellness Program. Rather than give her a meal plan to follow, I asked her to use her love of cooking to help her get in tune with the foods her body was craving. She replaced processed snacks with whole foods, and found that she was much more satisfied!

We also explored how Julie's relationship with food developed since childhood. She unlocked the connection between past events, her current body image, and her desire to be invisible. Once she was able to see how those few extra pounds had protected her in the past, it became easier for her to let them go. She started focusing on loving her body, and feeling really sexy, and suddenly her relationship with eating changed.

The End Result
Julie lost 8 pounds without focusing on it and admitted that "it feels like I've have lost more". By focusing on what TO eat, instead of what NOT to eat, and by boosting her self-confidence, the numbers on the scale became less important than how her body felt. The result? Weight loss without rules or restrictions.


Julie's Testimonial
"This was money well spent. Everything I learned was a gift - a new twist on an old idea. I have become much better at taking care of myself on an emotional and spiritual level. I am comfortable nurturing myself, and feel good when I do. I'm focusing not on what NOT to eat, but what TO eat. I definitely have a lot more energy, emotionally and physically. My intellect is sharper, my connectors are connecting better, my back feels better. I got my groove back!" Julie F., Client


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