This is a sampling of articles I've written on specific nutrition and wellness topics. 

Featured Article:

Why My Kids and I

Won't Get Flu Shots This Year




Christi's "No-Holds Barred" Personal Manifesto

What Real People Say About Trying a Cleanse For the First Time

** Pause ** For Winter Solstice

Is Your Home Stressed Out?

Tired of Working Hard? Read This!

Everything You Wish Your Mom Told You About Your Period

Don't Be Overwhelmed by NEDS!

Having a Tough Time Getting Motivated?  Here's the Answer

Top 10 Energy Boosters

Don't Know What To Buy?  Check Out My Wish List!


Christi's Commentaries on Birth

Where I Am Two+ Years Postpartum? (a look at why I decided to get pregnant again... and how I'm faring this time around)

My Birth Story (a very long, brutally honest look at what happened with my son's birth)

Do C-Sections Ruin Lives? (a letter to an OB-Gyn)

I Wish To Tell You (a letter for family and friends of women who've had C-sections)

Where Do the Interventions Start? (a rant about the current state of maternity "care" in this country)

Did I Need a Cesarean? (my way of coming to grips with my C-section almost two years after the surgery)


Marathon Training Articles

Everything You Need To Know About Race Day Nutrition

Don't Let the Overachiever In Your Wreck Your Training Season!

10 "Must-Eat Foods" for Runners

Water - The Preferred Liquid for Athletes

The Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes Runners Make


IBS Articles

Things You Need to Know About IBS

How to Calm Your Stomach Down...Fast

IBS Facts

What It's Like to Have IBS

How To Support Your Spleen

The Best and Worst Foods for IBS


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