MEGAN'S STORY: Self-Care Makes All the Difference

Megan came to me with a history of chronic stomach pain that started in college. Her cramping, bloating, sharp pains, and indigestion made her feel like there was a "volcano" inside her belly. She knew certain foods aggravated her belly, and had tried an elimination diet (unsuccessfully) in the past. Traditional doctors didn't help much, and she was sick of how inconvenient her IBS was. She admitted to being stressed out by a job that she didn't like, and also said that she had trouble taking care of herself and slowing down.

What We Did Together
Megan worked with me in a 6-month Ultimate Wellness Program. She also joined the Wild and Well Group Program. Since elimination diets didn't work for Megan, I asked her to keep a food-mood journal instead. This helped her identify foods that upset her belly (surprisingly, they ended being some of the foods that she initially thought were fine for her stomach!).

We developed a relaxing morning routine that kept her belly calm throughout the early part of the day. Megan replaced some of her takeout meals and caffeine with tea and healthy, home-cooked meals. Since exercise helps ease IBS symptoms, we brainstormed to find fitness options that were appealing to Megan. After signing up for a group hike, finding tennis partners online, and walking with her mom, Megan noticed a dramatic improvement in her belly.

The End Result
As her belly healed, Megan began to feel more confident, sexy, optimistic, outspoken, and excited about life! She was promoted twice at work and she suddenly had more dates than she could fit into her schedule! She became so convinced of the connection between the diet, wellness and health that she started a Healthy Living group for her own patients and enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.


Megan's Testimonial
"I just completed Christi's program and wanted to let you know how much it changed my life! I have struggled with IBS for 4 years now with little relief. My IBS kept me from taking trips, spending time with people, and basically just living my life. I saw many doctors and tried a lot of homeopathic remedies and acupuncture, but nothing helped. After working with Christi I learned that I didn't have to live with endless humiliating moments and constant tummy aches. I still have symptoms from time to time, but when I do, I know what has triggered them and how to self-soothe. In Christi's program I changed many aspects of my lifestyle including how I eat and the way I manage stress. I never felt pressured to make any changes I wasn't ready for or didn't want to make. Instead Christi guided me to make my own choices and figure out what works best for me and my body. I now have quite a new outlook on my life, and am feeling good for the first time in years. Definitely worth the money! Feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions about my experience w/ her program. I would highly recommend working w/ her to anyone!"  Megan A., Client


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