Six Results You Can Achieve

After supporting hundreds of individual clients and facilitating seminars for thousands of professionals, I have noticed that there are six common changes that people experience after working with me.

The top six results my clients achieve from my counseling programs or lectures are:

1. They figure out what they REALLY want out of life - whether it's a new relationship, a different career focus, more free time, a new workout routine, or more pleasure. They learn how to remove the obstacles that are in their way so they can actually start living an amazing life... today.

2. They start to love themselves, honor their needs, and speak up and ask for what they want… (here’s the important part) without feeling guilty.

3. They heal physical and emotional ailments that have been hanging around for years... and didn't respond well to traditional medical treatments.

4. They intimately understand the connection between the food they eat and the way they feel on a daily basis.

5. They learn how to trust their bodies… and are pleasantly surprised to find that they actually want to eat healthy most of the time! When they do indulge in their favorite “less-than-healthy” foods, they don’t feel like bad people for doing so.  They are able to truly enjoy the eating experience.

6. They say good-bye to beliefs and habits that were holding them back - an obsessive diet mentality, a poor self-image, the fear of the unknown, or negative self-talk - and free up that energy to focus on something that makes them feel truly alive.


If you'd like to read what my clients have to say in their own words, please read their testimonials.



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