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"How Are You Sabotaging Your Health?"

This quiz is designed as a self-assessment quiz.

So many times, we look to other people for the answers to our health questions... but I believe that you already know many things you could be doing - right now - to improve your health.



I've designed the questions in this quiz to do two things:

1. Help you identify any areas where you may be sabotaging your health (either intentionally or subconsciously). 

2. Help you identify quick, easy changes you can make immediately to start improving your health... today!�

In the past, I tried to respond personally to each person who took the Sabotage Survey, but so many people are taking the quiz these days that - try as I might - I simply can't keep up with the personal response like I'd hoped.

So, instead, I've put together a few universal tips that you'll receive by email after you take the test.  These tips hit on the most common health challenges and concerns that the Sabotage Survey respondents express.

But remember, the biggest insights will come from YOU, simply by taking the test and thinking about your answers.




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