Stomach Soothers

No one likes to suffer from gas or an upset stomach. But for most Americans, tummy troubles are a daily occurrence. Here are some food-based remedies for common digestive complaints.

To Calm Gas/Bloating:

1. Less dairy
2. Chew more (a lot more!)
3. Peppermint capsules or tea
4. Charcoal tablets
5. Less artificial sweeteners

To Ease Constipation:

1. Fiber mix (FiberSmart or Metamucil)
2. Prune juice
3. Drink more water
4. Less meat and dairy
5. More raw fruit/veggies

To Prevent Diarrhea:

1. Less dairy
2. Chew well
3. Temporarily switch to white rice and white bread instead of whole grain
4. Eat slowly in a calm environment.
5. Chew well.



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