Why My Kids and I Won't Get Flu Shots This Year


You, my dear reader, are brilliant. 

So, I assume that you – like many brilliant people – are questioning the flu shot hype coming from the media and conventional medical community.


If you’re not… you might want to rethink your health strategy.




Well, because the person who cares the most about your health is… YOU. That means that YOU are the only one who can take full ownership of your health and decide whether the flu vaccine - or any vaccine - makes sense for you and your body.



What does taking ownership mean when it comes to the flu?

Well, you could start by asking yourself:


  • Have you educated yourself about the true statistics, impact, and severity of the seasonal flu? This means digging and doing your own research (not just watching/reading the news... which is built on making you feel fearful and disempowered).
  • If you’ve decided to get the vaccine, are you 100% comfortable with the ingredients of the vaccine and the potential risks of these ingredients? If you haven't researched the ingredients of the vaccine, please do so right now.  Nope, I'm not going to tell you what they are - this is where you get to take the power back into your own hands and do your own, empowered research (it won't take very long... you can do this!)
  • If you’ve decided NOT to get the vaccine, do you know what you would do if you came down with flu… and do you have a plan in place to prevent yourself from getting the flu in the first place this winter?
  • Do you know the health laws that exist (or are being written up right now) in your state? What if your state made the flu vaccine mandatory, but you didn’t want to get the shot… do you have a plan for that scenario?

If you don’t have answers to these questions, now is a great time to take better ownership of your health.


If you watch the news, read magazines, walk into any drugstore, or look at flyers in your doctor’s office or workplace, you may think that the only chance you have to stay healthy this winter is to get the flu vaccine.


That’s simply not true. 


In fact, avoiding the flu vaccine and putting healthy measures in place for yourself - and your family - may be the smartest things you do all winter. 

I’ve done a lot of research on the flu topic in years past, and today, I want to share some of this information with you, so you can start to evaluate your own vaccine options. 




My upfront disclaimer: I will not get a flu shot this year, nor will I take my kids to get flu shots.    The last time I received a flu shot was more than 10 years ago... my children have never received a flu shot... and my husband hasn't received a flu shot since we started dating (at least, not that I know of!).

Now, the vaccine is your personal decision.  If you decide to get it, then I'm totally cool with that.  Everyone has the right to play by their comfort levels when it comes to vaccines, illnesses, etc. You need to do what you need to do.

What I'm NOT cool with is you simply getting the flu vaccine simply "because"... because that's what everyone does... or... because your doctor told you that you should... or... because Walgreens is offering them for free... or because your health insurance covers it, so why not?

That's not health empowerment.  That's letting something/someone else control your health.  It's a dangerous road to go down these days.

Health empowerment - that is what I want for you. 

Regardless of the choice you end up making. 

If you get the flu vaccine, please make sure it's a well-educated decision that you have intentionally made, and that you can stand by (as every health decision should be).

There are plenty of doctors, pharmaceutical advertisements, and media personnel who tout the benefits of the vaccine, that’s why I’m taking the time today to present the other side of the equation.  I feel like the anti-vaccine side is under-represented.  So I'm here to stand up for what I believe in.


Why have I made the decision not to vaccinate myself and my family? Here are some of the reasons:

  • For most healthy people, the risks of the vaccine are greater than the risks of contracting the flu. For example, some of the vaccine ingredients are highly toxic (such as the perservative thimerosal (mercury) which is a known neurotoxin).
  • Vaccines suppress the immune system... which may not return to normal for weeks to months... leaving you susceptible to viral and bacterial infections (the very things you were presumably trying to avoid by getting the flu shot, right?!) 
  • Because vaccines introduce large foreign protein molecules into your body (causing a backlash response by your body), they have been known to trigger allergies and autoimmune disorders.
  • The flu vaccine is created before the flu season actually arrives... each vaccine manufacturers develop a vaccine that contains virus strains they "believe" will circulate in the upcoming flu season. This is guesswork, ladies and gents.  There's no guarantee that this year's vaccine will even provide a good defense to the flu that's going around this year.
  • The vaccine companies will not be held liable for any side effects, injuries, or death, from the vaccines - there’s no incentive for them to make the vaccine safe for consumers, for there's no punishment for them if the vaccines create more harm than good.  They do - however - stand to make lots and lots of moula from the sale of vaccines though. 
  • The flu vaccine simply isn’t guaranteed to be effective.  Take a look at this article to start to research this concept.
  • For most people, the flu itself is benign - our immune systems have fought it off just fine.  Much of the media hype around the flu vaccine is based on fear, not reality. 


The fact is, the flu shot is NOT your only option this winter.  In this newsletter, I highlight what my family does to stay healthy - and to counteract the effects of the flu, if we do get it. 

** Here's a free teleclass that talks all about how to use essential oils to avoid the flu - and how to use oils to shorten the duration and lessen the symptoms of the flu... if you do come down with it.  **

A few weeks ago while getting bloodwork done, I asked my own primary care physician if she was getting the vaccine?  She said, “Oh, definitely not. I’d rather take my chances of dying.”

Have you asked your doctor whether s/he will be getting the flu vaccine (or giving it to family members?). 



If you've never heard harsh words spoken about vaccines before, you may find this information interesting and disturbing.  You'll probably want to do some additional reading.  There's no shortage of information (both good and bad) out there about vaccines...

... But here are a few links to get you started:

National Vaccine Information Center

Dr. Mercola's website

International Medical Council on Vaccination - I really like this article about "herd immunity"

Child Health Safety (this has graphs on the incidence of diseases before and after the introduction of vaccines)

You can listen to podcast #75 on NaturalNews.com, which features an informative and detail-rich interview with Dr. Sherry Tennypenny, the author of “Saying No to Vaccines.”   In a clear, easy-to-understand, and non-hyped fashion, she offers a ton of historical and factual data that you can use to educate yourself (and perhaps even your own doctor) about vaccines.

And yes, all of the sites listed above will mostly have information about why vaccines are not the answer that pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and the government want you to think they are.  If you want to see vaccine-supportive materials, you can find those quite easily with a quick google search.



Knowledge is power. Spend even 20 minutes today looking into vaccines, and you may be surprised at what you find.  Hopefully it will be enough to help you start questioning the path you should take this winter.


In this “Nourishing Nuggets” newsletter, I outline the specific details of the Collins Family “Staying Healthy in Winter” plan. 


** Here's a free teleclass that talks all about how to use essential oils to avoid the flu - and how to use oils to shorten the duration and lessen the symptoms of the flu... if you do come down with it.  **


If you have already put measures in place to protect your from the flu this winter, please share them with me, as I would love to share reader tips in upcoming newsletters! 

If you work for a pharmaceutical company or happen to be in love the flu vaccine, please don't send me emails blasting me or this article.  However, if you would like to pass along sound pro-vaccine studies or information that I can read (since I like to read all angles of the issue)... you are welcome to send them my way.  I will make sure to give them my attention.





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