Winter Used to Make Me Miserable:

Cracked skin, weight gain,
wishing the day would start five hours later...

But now I *use* winter for good, not evil and I'm going to share my secrets with you.

Winter Can Suck!

Here's the thing: winter time can be miserable. The bitter cold is hard on your skin and leaves you with cracked lips and feet. Heating systems are hard on your lungs and leave you vulnerable to colds and flu. Longer nights equal more time for sleeplessness and exhaustion each morning. Lack of sunshine results in deep sadness, grouchiness and that achy-all-over feeling.

It's no wonder so many people hate winter!

But the truth is winter doesn't have to be awful. In fact, winter is my favorite season of all (even though I grew up in sunny CA and now live in snowy, freezing cold New England!).

If you know how to use winter to your advantage, you can emerge in the spring with healthy skin and hair, a zip in your step, and no sign of depression in sight. And that "inevitable" weight gain? Forget about it! There are some winter-specific foods that not only help you avoid weight gain, but also keep your skin soft and supple. As a holistic health counselor, I've discovered the strategies for keeping you extra-healthy during the long, cold winter:

  • The way to eat to keep your immune system strong.
  • The skincare tricks you can use to prevent cracking, itching, eczema, and dry, scaly spots.
  • The foods and exercise strategies that will prevent what seems like inevitable winter weight gain (psst. it's not inevitable. In fact, I've been losing weight this winter!)
  • The beverages that will help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeply so that, come morning, you're ready to jump out of bed (instead of cursing your alarm clock!).

The Sneaky Winter Secret

What's more, I've discovered, through working with thousands of clients, a really sneaky secret: winter holds the key to making exercise fun! (Seriously--this one tidbit alone will transform the way you feel about winter *and* your waistline.)

The Nitty Gritty Technical Details

So, here's how it works: The book itself is delivered in pdf format. This means you can read it using Adobe Acrobat's free Reader. You can also print it out (which is what I've done with my copy) and keep it in a binder--it's up to you.

You'll also receive the recording of a follow up Teleseminar I held on the topic.  In this teleseminar we covered topics like:

- how can you safely do a cleanse during winter?

- how to establish winter transitional routines that keep the days from being so "life-dampening?"
- how to boost your immunity (and your kids')?

- how to hydrate yourself if your job situation won't allow you to drink for 12 hours straight?

- how to fit exercise into a really, really busy schedule?

How to Get Your Copy

For just $47, you can get a copy of Your Winter Survival Guide. Once you checkout, you'll instantly receive your copy of the guide so you can get started right away.  You'll also receive the teleclass recording immediately.

Your Winter Can Be Healthy, Happy, and All-Around Awesome All you have to do is order Your Winter Survival Guide.

Special Bonuses

My favorite teas--Only 9 Available
I really like to give you extras. So, the first 9 women to purchase a copy of the eBook before December 1 will receive a package of tea samples in the mail from me. Yep, straight from my personal tea chest! I'm going to pick my favorites, package them up, and send them to you (don't you love getting fun packages in the mail?!).

I do expect this particular bonus to be snapped up really fast, so if you want to make sure you're one of the lucky ones to sample my favorite teas, order your guide now.

Sorry, these 9 bonuses have already been claimed, but you'll still get a list of my favorite teas when you order the guide.

Extra Winter Recipes
One of the biggest challenges of winter is avoiding the bad-for-you comfort foods that call your name oh-so-loudly. That's why in addition to the recipes already included in the eBook, I'm including a bonus of ten more nourishing family recipes.

Here are a few tantalizing samples:

  • Munchin' on Mochi: This tasty treat bakes up into fluffy, doughy squares. It makes a delicious desert and it's really good for you. Plus, it's so much fun to watch as it puffs up in the oven. Pop in a chocolate chip for a kid-friendly desert, or a piece of pear for a more sophisticated sweet tooth. Yum!
  • Colorful Toad in a Hole: This popular kids' breakfast gets a fabulously healthy (and tasty!) twist with spinach, tomatoes and basil. Both hubby Ben and son Evan *love* this one, and the guys at your house probably will too.
  • Healthy Crispy Rice Bars: When you need to bring something sweet to a party, this is a great choice. Not only is it super easy (even easier than Rice Krispy Treats!) but it's also really healthy--it's always a big hit when I bring them along.
  • Aduki Bean Dip: I can almost guarantee you've never heard of most of the ingredients in this one--and I bet you'll love it anyway!

And that's just a small selection. It's my goal to keep you well-fed, pampered, and healthy this winter... and I put together the extra recipes to make that happen.


"Thank you for a great winter survival teleclass, and for sending the recording.  I've found one of the most helpful tips from your ebook is being prepared for winter.  I've gone through the Winter Survival Guide and created my action plan.  I now have a tea selection at work and at home. I brought my hot neck wrap to work.  And I'm keeping essential oils in the shower, by the bed, in the kitchen and at work.  Now warming up or smelling something great is within reaching distance!

Also, thank you  for the beautiful tea package!  It was wonderful to smell lavender while sipping the chamomile tea.  And the mate chocolatte satisfied my need for a chocolate treat.  These two are on my shopping list and I still have more flavors to try." - Amy H.

"I bought your new eBook yesterday because I always love reading what you write, and I devoured it in bed last night from beginning to end. I can totally relate to everything in it and I feel so excited to try everything you suggested.

The holidays absolutely wore me out this year and of course, this is my busiest time of year for work, so this book could not be more perfectly timed. Another huge success for you - thank you! After working a 75-hour work week last week, this book was a Godsend!" - Carla G.

"I'm curled up on my couch with a blanket and my morning cup of coffee, reading the printed ebook. I was going to read the entire ebook before emailing you, and that just isnt possible! I am to excited to wait till I'm finished :) I loooove tea! I agree, it's so peacefully healing. Your idea for the CD rack to hold the tea is cool :) I'm going to adopt a similar idea." - Karyn B.


"I love the Winter guide!  I remember loving it when I first read it two years ago -- and so it's been great to reacquaint myself with it and the tips it offers.  In general I'm in a place right now where I'm trying to feel better about the balance between work and life and the Winter guide just gave me some great additional tips that I hadn't thought of.  I love the hot water bottle idea... I use a heating pad. But I hadn't used it in ages and re-reading the guide made me go find it, now I have been using it every night when I get into bed. So warm and cozy!

Also, thanks for posting the recorded call, I listened to it this evening. I definitely picked up a few good tips. The one tip that I'm eager to try is the idea of putting the essential oil drops in the shower in the morning... like the orange or grapefruit scent; sounds like a great wake-me-up! - Andrea B.

"Thanks for all of the inspirational emails! I love getting your emails and really enjoyed reading the Funbook and the transcript for the teleclass. Lots of great ideas." - Andrea B.

"As a Holistic Health Counselor myself, I live a life of healthy and positive choices. Christi is someone who has helped me keep on track during difficult times. I'll hear one of her tips pop into my mind at just the right time and boom, my hand backs away from the cookie tray and reaches for my tea! Thanks for keeping me on track!" - Tamara F.

"I'm using your e-program for an added bit of strength/motivation. I don't plan to give up anything I really want, but I don't "have" to have a lot of it. Especially since I want to do a little baking this year with my son--homemade cookies are hard to resist, lol." - M.J.

What's included in Your Winter Survival Guide?

  • 20 warm, comforting, healthy Winter recipes
  • 22 solutions to improve your sleep - no more insomnia!
  • A 25-item Winter Survival Kit list
  • 7 ways to avoid getting the flu
  • 10 ways to get over a cold... fast!
  • 13 ideas to help you hydrate better
  • 10 suggestions for a soothing morning routine
  • 11 recommendations for a delicious nighttime routine
  • 11 ways to take care of your Winter skin
  • 14 ways to motivate yourself for Winter workouts
  • a 4-page Personal Action Plan to fill out
  • an information-packed teleclass recording

Here's How to Get Your Own Copy

Simply click the button below to order Your Winter Survival Guide Once you checkout, you'll instantly receive your copy of the eBook so you can create your winter survival action plan right away. You'll also receive the download link for the recorded teleclass.

Your Winter Can Be Healthy, Happy, and All-Around Awesome! All you have to do is download Your Winter Survival Guide.

I'm really looking forward to sharing my secrets for a healthy, happy winter.

Christi Collins

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